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See this article in the Denton Record Chronicle for details.  

Here are some selected excerpts from the referenced article.  I encourage you if this topic is of interest to read the entire article.


The school had 85 students — seven of which made up the school’s second graduating class — enrolled in grades seven through 12 this year, according to school officials.

According to the school’s 2011-12 budget posted on its website, revenue was projected to total $905,760 — $272,300 more than the previous school year — but that figure was based on 133 students, rather than 85.

The school didn’t have enough money to offset the projected shortfall for the 2012-13 year, Tucker said.


A mother whose 15 year old was admitted to UBH a couple of weeks ago told me that someone at UBH threatened to take her to court if she did not enroll her child at Legends Academy.  That made me suspicious.  So I decided to see what the relationship is between Legends Academy and UBH Denton and its parent company, Ascend Health.  And guess what?  They’re basically being controlled by the same people.

Legends Academy is a charter school in Texas, conveniently located near UBH.  According to the Texas Secretary of State, it assumed the name Legends Academy in 2008, and was previously known as NorthPointe Academy.

According to the IRS (see the picture to the left), NorthPointe is a public charity.  A tax-exempt charity.  That means it pays NO INCOME TAXES.

And, according to UBH’s own website:

“To allow young patients to continue their education without interruption, we have partnered with Legends Academy, a certified Texas Charter School. Students attend school at Legends Academy and receive full academic credits as well as therapeutic groups. For more information on Legends Academy, please visit”

A “partnership???”  Not really.  Look at who is on the board of directors of this charity:

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Richard Kresch, President & CEO of Ascend Health

Neal Cury, Chief Operating Officer of Ascend Health.

Cathi Ledet, Vice President of Financial Operations of Ascend Health,

That is not a partnership–that is three out of eight board of director slots controlled by the for-profit hospital!

Also, as a charter school, Legends gets funding from the State of Texas based on enrollment.  So, every time the hospital can strong arm a parent into enrolling their child at Legends?  They get funding for the school.   What a RACKET.

As a U.S. taxpayer I am OUTRAGED that this is considered a “non-profit” entity when it is in “partnership” with a for-profit hospital, yet both entities are under the direction of the same people!   Maybe this is legal, but in my mind it’s unethical.  And, I have a feeling I’m only scratching the surface.