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This post is a copy of an e-mail I received from a parent of a young man who was admitted to UBH.  The only thing I have changed or edited is his name, which I was asked to change to protect his identity.    

My son was admitted on the 11th of May. After multiple discharge dates I finally had to sign him out AMA after threats of court action. He was supposed to go home for the 3td time on the 24th but they wanted a “family” meeting prior to dismissal. This was the second time this happened. The first meeting with my son and Regina did not go well. It had appeared that Regina was trying to drive a wedge between me and my son. I was dumbfounded at the meeting at how unprofessional she was bringing up her own “abusive” experiences of growing up in a home where there is a lot of yelling… There isn’t a lot of yelling in my home… I have two older children, one graduated with a social work degree and the other is at UNT in the same degree plan and they were both dumbfounded at her incompetence. After that first meeting they claimed he was now no longer able to leave… Two more days they said. I attempted to transfer him… Informed Mesa springs that I’d pay cash so if insurance didn’t approve, that wouldn’t prevent the transfer. They informed my son I was moving him which spun him out. He’d made friends there. Mesa devoted transfer stating he didn’t meet the criteria for inpatient. Then why was he still inpatient?

I requested AMA they threatened to take me to court. Said he’d be released Monday. Monday on my way up they called said no and another meeting was required and earliest that could happen was Wednesday but they planned to release on Wednesday.

Wednesday I took our therapist and my oldest to the meeting again with Regina. Our therapist had to step in in this meeting and ask what is the purpose of this meeting. You are not informing mom or Kevin of what after care us recommended, what mom should look for in the first 72 hours, what coping skills Kevin should use and discussing what Kevin should do if he becomes suicidal once home.

After that meeting our therapist had to leave but they said Kevin would be getting his stuff together to leave. 45 min later Mr Martin came out said Kevin wasnt going to be released.

I was distraught and furious. I left with my daughter and we went to eat while I tried to figure out what to do. I decided to go back sign AMA papers to get that going and go to court if need be because I saw a pattern with no end in sight. He again told me they’d probably take me to court and being Wednesday it’d probably be next week before that would happen. I didn’t care, I just wanted my son out. I was willing to drive straight to another facility to see if inpatient was still necessary and admit.

After signing AMA they called 25 min later and said the doctor determined he was okay to go.

When I got him while digging discharge papers I asked for his meds or a prescription. They refused.

There is more in leaving out but I want to shut this place down. It’s a scam and detrimental to children.


srpizeLooks like I’m not the only person who wants to expose this place for what it is…  check out this website about UHS!!

Well, Duh

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Kudos to the DMN for exposing what some of us have known for years.

After my suicide attempt at UBH, the staff had me transported to a Denton hospital. After a friend of mine suggested I was Care Flighted to Parkland in Dallas where I was in ICU 8 days, that suggestion saved my life. After several operations I was moved to Zale Lipshy to begin rehab that would last a couple of years. The skill of Neuro Surgeon Howard Morgan minimized my brain damage. That was the only area minimized. I had severely diminished my cognitive skills. Weeks at Zale before I was released, several attempts as an outpatient, another attempted suicide, a couple of extended stays in psyche wards and finally a 5 month session at Center for Neuro Skills in Irving. My duration at CNS was the most productive and tedious. My friends and acquaintances fell to the wayside. My wife did the best she knew how. My children were traumatized and scared beyond words. Still are to this day. My lawyer Michael Hindman stood by my side with Blind Faith. He did the best he could in one of the toughest situations imaginable. My story began at my November 28th trial in Denton. Since July of 2015 my wife has filed for divorce, my children are splintered and I am trying to keep what family I have left together. I live on Disability which is reduced 50% by divorce support rulings. I’m making headway with my children and trying to reinvent my career after 33years in the field of athletic strength & conditioning. I’m working on my physical health with physical limitations from the building collapse. I’m managing my PTSD with therapy and medication. I learned first hand the poor state of mental health care and the negative connotations that follow it. In my rehabilitation process I watched a PBS broadcast about our mental health system. It was sponsored by the Haliburton family. In the broadcast they told a personal story that ended tragically. If a family with the means for unlimited help can’t find appropriate help, our country’s state of mental health illness is devastated.

J’s Story: Day 3

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Day 3 , GAME DAY, It was a normal Sunday. Only exception it was my 3rd day at UBH. My wife and I asked many staff members if we could watch something else know that this would be the first time in over 30 years I would not participate in a week end. The staff would be antimate about showing the game. Camille continued to ask for my doctor, still no sighting of him. My wife’s stayed with me to comfort me. I watched sparingly as Camille continued to bring me back to my room. As the day continued my anxiety rose and I became agitated. We ate dinner in the common room together. Before her time was up my wife pleaded with the staff to keep a close watch on me and possibly give me some medicine to help me. Camille had to leave so I made my way to my room. I read the bible for peace, channeling my Christian friends. Tonight was the most agitating, thinking of losing my career and family. The later it got the more unsettled I became. Around 6am. I decided I wanted to kill myself. First I tried banging my head on the bed corners, bruises, no luck. Next I tried banging my head on the bathroom fixtures, they were designed not to assist in that encounter. I became very frustrated, I wondered how I could do those things and no one at the nurses station could hear me. As I laid back down I noticed my supplies that I kept bringing back from counseling sessions. Amongst the supplies were 3 golf pencils. I first attempted to force a pencil in my ear, not working. I didn’t have the will power to enter my eye. Finally I thought if I could jam a pencil into my brain through my nose I could get the results I want, Death, end of my mental unwinding.

As I place the first pencil in my nose I could hear tissue destroyed every little movement. No blood, just tissue destroyed. I proceeded to push a second pencil behind the first. I could hear stronger tissue and began to see more blood. I began to destroy the second nostril. A lot of tissue broken, no blood. Knowing I needed more depth, I used my toothbrush to push the third pencil higher until I saw blood. I sat in my bed for a couple of minutes wondering what I had done. Eventually I walked to the common room and collapsed.

Day 2 Today, Saturday I was presented the most information, not in any pattern just by nurses, counselor sand techs. The morning was spent on my drug prescriptions. Mostly nurses would discuss what I was prescribed before UBH and what was in my file. I had several group therapy sessions. Upon completing my sessions I always went to my room to fest and PUT UP MY SUPPLIES. Early afternoon was spent with a nurse that related to me growing up in Chicago in a alcoholic household. She informed me I was lucky to be alive and if I did not stay in treatment I would be dead in two years. The nurse was sincere, but raised my anxiety level to new heights. I became very paranoid about my employer finding out I was here and losing my job. I went to more group sessions this afternoon, finding one session very relaxing. Just as with my other sessions I went to rest and PUT UP MY SUPPLIES. The soldier I met earlier was constantly consoling me, a wonderful human being. My wife visited as much as permitted and asked to speak with my doctor about potentially not showing the football game on the television, fearing it would be a bad trigger for my unstable state. I told her I wasn’t doing well and sh emphasized this to the staff. Still no contact with my doctor. I got to eat in the dining hall today, we moved in groups of 8-10, locked corridor through locked corridor. In the dining hall servers had no sanitary standards, serving with bare hands and slopping the food on treys. Older patients traded food and I gave mine away. On returning to the community room I said good bye to my wife and went to my room. In a few minutes I went to use the community phone but it was tied up and I didn’t get to call my wife. As I tried to sleep there was rowdy activity in the hall. One of the male patients asked me to join a prayer vigil in the hall were a young female was having a seizure. We prayed, sang hymns and watched as she squirmed on the floor. Eventually a tech brought an antiquated ECT machine and shocked the young girl. We all went to our rooms, I began to pray constantly for peace and help. I was praying to God and my spiritual guide, Rev. Charlie Biggurs. I wrote notes in a notebook as I prayed. I had no concept of time. Once the lights were out I concentrated to sleep, no way! There was a girl walking the floors all night, dragging her slippers. If I rested it wasn’t more than 2 hours. Lack of rest, being CONFINED in this hospital and my mental state had me reeling down with no apparent help or concern.

Day 1. We arrive at UBH and we do the intake with a doctor and a couple of nurses and techs. I’m determined to have severe PTSD, and a level of suicidiology. This is important because during the trial it was important if I was Passive or Active in my level of suicidiology. I was put on a 15 minute watch, even though I presented that I felt like driving under the truck. It’s basically an introduction day, most of my introduction was by an African American female soldier. She was there from war trauma. I was given a room adjacent to the community room and nurses station. It was a big situation to get my proper medicine. I couldn’t imagine what they would give me for my raging anxiety. I rested in my room after my wife left. As the night went on there were some people walking the halls and coming to the nurses station. My sleep was intermittent, trying to get used to my surroundings. I began to read the bible and pray to God. I didn’t know what was wrong, in hindsight this would be my best night at UBH.

J’s UBH Story

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J recently sued UBH Denton.  He was unsuccessful in his attempt, but wants his story to be heard.  This is the first installment in his experience with this hospital.  It is shared in his own words, unedited by me.  

Two weeks ago a jury of my peers decided that UBH hospital in Denton, Texas and my doctor were not responsible for my suicide attempt. Testifying in this trial stirred up a lot of emotions and triggers. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago, part of the blue collar work force. No one graduated from high school in my family. I was made aware of athletic scholarships from a neighbor. This became my vehicle out of this situation. As one of my psychiatrists said I ran through, over and around all walls or challenges. Finally in November of 2010 the wall I couldn’t overcome knocked me down, this event brought me to UBH.

I earned that athletic scholarship, played collegiate football and discovered my niche in the athletic world as a STRENGTH & conditioning coach. I worked at two major universities, eventually to the highest level, the NFL. I had great work ethic and ability to communicate with my athletes and coaches. After a tragic incident at work in the spring of 2009. After this event we went back to work the next day.

Over the next couple of months I had some health scares and operations. My anxiety grew to proportions where I felt I had a fan in my chest. I began to drive to work, thinking about driving under eighteen wheelers. I worked with psychiatrists, took prescribed meds and always thought I’ll just “tough it out” as I had always. The harder I tried the worse I became. I kept working until we went on the road to a major east coast city. During the game, all of the lights in the stadium went out. I don’t know how long. I stood still and all I could thinks was bullets and bombs. We won the game and I was without feelings. I was comatose on the flight home. When arriving at home I walked to my office, removed my suit jacket and curled up in a ball. My wife comforted me the best she knew how, this was an all new scenario for me and my family.

I worked the next several days until Thursday. I completed my end of week responsibilities. Upon completion I walked throughout the complex telling my peers and coworkers that something was wrong with me. I had several orthopedic surgeries while working, usually going too far before asking for help. I drove home and tried to lay down and relax, that wasn’t happening. We called a close friend and we decided to get me to a mental health facility. We drove to one institution and even in my reeling state I knew that wasn’t the right place. It was an older dwelling, somewhat like American Horror Story. We decided to drive to Denton, to UBH. A much better institution. In my next post I will describe what went on in my 4 day stay at UBH. My mind and life hadn’t been reeling out of control, it was soon to begin at UBH.

Blog Owner’s Note:  This lengthy and thoughtful review was posted on my site as a comment to another post.  I am reposting it here in its entirety, exactly as it was written.  I will say that my experience there was very much like his/her’s.  Thanks to BC for taking the time to make this contribution to the blog!  

I have waited a couple months to write this review on UBH Denton to keep my anonymity. I attended this facility VOLUNTARILY for my issues with PTSD as I heard it was a great facility…Boy I was wrong.


My Background: I am a career military veteran with 15 years of service 6 Combat Deployments, very stable, great conduct, no criminal background, no suicide attempts, no harm to others, and no history of violence, drug, or alcohol issues. I was told UBH Denton was a great place to go and allowed freedom in a secure setting. I was also told when I went it was only going to be for my PTSD. The UBH staff picked me up from the airport and acted so nice as I pulled up to a building with one door (Should have realized something was wrong there). However when I arrived I realized I made a TERRIBLE mistake.

From minute one during entry my bags were taken from me, I was locked in a room, forced to fill out stacks of papers, and basically strip searched by the staff like a prisoner. All of my possessions were taken to include cell phones, watches, and even lighters and tobacco. At this point I surrendered my freedom unwillingly to this facility and was deceived to the true purpose of its operation. This was lock, stock, and barrels a “meat packing plant of mental health” in a profit driven scheme.

As I explained I had a business to run and I would lose thousands a month without my electronic devices all I heard was…That’s tough its hospital policy due to HIPPA (Even though all the staff had their phones on them at all times). I was treated like a prisoner at this point being processed and forced to open my mouth, take off my shoes, and put on a wristband…Again even though my background made me ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT. The nurse blew me off like I was a crazy person and gave me no respect whatsoever.

I was escorted back to a 2000 SQFT common area with 10 rooms in the back that was my so called “Home” for 30 days (I will cover this later). At this point I was forced to do a drug screening and strip naked to get my skin checked for so called marks. If you did not feel like a prisoner before you certainly did now as all illusion of freedom was lost. My meds I have been taken for years were confiscated even though they were prescription (As they do this with everyone) and replaced by Generic drugs (That caused serious health issues with me that were ignored).

As I progressed in the program I did an intake form and I was told I had to attend a Drug/Alcohol program in conjunction with my PTSD treatment due to a Drinking binge (For 3 months) three years ago (I am sober and in control now and 3 years before I went). I refused to do the Drug/Alcohol program for a week or so till I was threatened with treatment failure for not attending (EVEN THOUGH I WAS ONLY THERE FOR PTSD AND HAD NO PAST PROBLEMS WITH ADDICTION!).

So for the 4 weeks I was basically FORCED to conduct the Drug/Alcohol program against my will with fear of program failure. Fuck you to all the addiction counselors for forcing me to do so as the time spent in your worthless class could have helped me for my PTSD TREATMENT…YOU KNOW THE REASON I WAS REALLY THERE (Not for your job security and to put money in your pocket)?

The Daily activities were regimented like prison as now I found out…The military sends everyone to this facility they deem “Mental Cases” and this facility was never a “PTSD specific” ward as I was told by the Military Leason Mr. Michael (Yea fuck you too for lying you piece of shit). I shared my so called “PTSD Specific clinic” with Drug Dealers, criminals, Gang Bangers, Suicidal Patients, Scum of the army “Troublemakers”, and Drug addicts. I only saw 1 or 2 people voluntarily come there so be advised most people are “FORCED” to attend and have very bad attitudes…And it rubs off on everyone stunting your treatment progress. You can’t shave on your own and even need to be observed shaving by the staff regardless of your history.

Your life for 30 days gravitates in a 3000 SQ-FT area shared by 15-20 folks. Every door except for your room is a locked door; you have an open bathroom (With no door), prison mirror, flat broke beds, and no privacy whatsoever. You can’t wear shoes with laces (Or anything with ropes), can’t even go outside to smoke on your own. You are regimented to a smoke break every 1 ½ HRS where you go to an enclosed fenced in 30X30 FT courtyard, only get 2 cigarettes or 1 cigar, and this is all you see of the “Outside” for 30 days. The furniture is bulky, uncomfortable, and is your run of the mill office chairs with little to no padding.

1 TV is shared by the group and you can’t even watch it from 0900-1500 DAILY as you do class EVERY DAY MON-SUN. Again cell phone and computer use is NOT PERMITTED due to HIPPA (Bullshit as all the staff had theirs) and this cost me about 1200 dollars financially because of the Ward Directors unwillingness to even listen to my problem. You have a dial phone at the desk in the open (No privacy) and are limited to 15MIN a day.

Your Travel options are simple and again this is all you do in a 30 day period:

1)Line up and take roll count, wait to go through a locked door, turn right 20 feet and turn left, Go through another locked door, turn right and walk 20 feet…you arrive at the chow hall…Eat…and Line up and take roll count to go back the way you came. This is your chow hall trip 3X times a day. And the chow hall is horrible. Food is terrible, we were refused seconds in multiple occasions, and the facility was trashed in a bad state of disrepair.

2)Line up and take roll count, wait to go through a locked door, turn right 20 feet and turn left, Go through another locked door, turn right and walk 40 feet….You arrive at the gym…and go back the way you came. This is your gym trip. The gym or lack of it was in horrible state of repair. Basketballs and other items were messed up, lights broken, and no weights are provided.

3)Line up and take roll count, wait to go through a locked door, stand on a 30X30 pad and smoke your two cigarettes…OH BTW you got 10 MIN and you Line up and take roll count, wait to go through a locked door back to the 2000SF prison.

4)Line up and take roll count, wait for meds with one person giving them out (20 min wait)
These four options are the only traveling you will ever do in this facility so don’t let the military leason tell you any differently. No matter what you are there for, or what your record is you will be treated the same as any of the other inmates there. Voluntary or not you will comply with the rules of this facility.

As for the small issues you should know about that make your life a living hell here:
1) Lights out is strictly enforced at 10:30PM (Even if you can’t sleep you’re going to your room)
2) No Ecigs allowed or electronics at any time
3) Can’t use a computer even for looking at bank statements
4) Caffeinated Coffee is CUTOFF at 12:23PM and even DECAF is pulled at 6PM
5) The “gym” has absolutely no free-weights, or even resistance bands…don’t be fooled.
6) Chow hall food is Military grade at best and the kitchen staff is horrible
7) All bank cards / IDs / EXC are confiscated and you must ask for access to your own property
8) Shower items are signed out and the front desk and must be returned after use (Seriously)
9) Staff feel you are a burden for asking for any of the above items and treat you so BTW
10) 15MIN checks are done all night long in rooms and nurses open doors with bright lights
11) Every door is a locked door and you need permission from the staff to do ANYTHING

12) WANT TO COVER THIS AS IT IS IMPORTANT: Doctors give a “Canned” and rehearsed experience (Especially the counselors and the Chaplin) just like they are reading off a script. Many times when I talked to Chaplin “John” he specifically repeated stuff back to me I did not even say. You can tell the counselors are fake as they give the same speeches in a repetitive fashion.

Final thoughts: I wanted everyone to know the real truth about the Military Freedom Care Program at UBH and what to really expect if they volunteered to go for PTSD. Eighty Five percent of the people that do attend this program are command referred due to being Drug Dealers, criminals, Gang Bangers, Suicidal Patients, Scum of the army “Troublemakers”, and Drug addicts so if you’re looking on focused PTSD treatment you will NOT get it here. Your trapped in a room with 15 miserable people with their own shitty problems and excuses and find it very hard to focus on your own issues.

DO NOT GO TO UBH DENTON for VOLUNTARY PTSD treatment…you will be treated like a criminal and you will waste 30 days of your time. Hope this guide deters anyone from attending this monstrosity of a madhouse psychiatric ward. You are 1800$ a day plain and simple and they care less who enters the doors as long as the cash keeps coming. GO TO AUSTIN PTSD CLINIC OR ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE…Trust me.

God bless and hope this helped,

Aaron Gowan, may he rest in peace, died at the age of 22 after a stay at UBH Denton.  His family has filed suit against the hospital.

Please come out to support his family and to honor Aaron’s life on Saturday, December 14.  The memorial will be in the parking lot next to UBH Denton’s parking lot and will last from 9:00 a.m. until the afternoon.

lawsuitCase No. 2013-30804-211… filed in Denton County on 10/14/13.

Jessica Rogers-Hall VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavoioral Health of Denton; Mayhill Behavioral Health, LLC d/b/a Mayhill Hospital; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Raza Sayed, M.D.

Jessica, you see, is one of the many friends I have made through this blog.  I have watched the torment and hell she has gone through since she was in UBH.  I have talked to her on the phone when she was freaked out so bad that she didn’t know what to do.  I have watched her work very hard to pull her life back together and I think she’s done a great job and been very strong.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come for her, I fear.  If they treat her case like they treated mine, she’s in for a rude awakening about how little they care about doing the right thing when something goes horribly wrong at their hospital.

What I don’t get is how they stay open.  I really don’t.  How many lawsuits are currently active against UBH Denton?  Let’s list ’em….

1.   Jessica Rogers-Hall VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavoioral Health of Denton; Mayhill Behavioral Health, LLC d/b/a Mayhill Hospital; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Raza Sayed, M.D.  (Filed 10/14/13).

2.  K.L. VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a Univeristy Behavioral Health of Denton; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Praveen Moolamalla, M.D.  (Filed 9/13/13).

3.  Kristen Colston, individually and on behalf of the Estate of William T. Colston, Deceased, and on Behalf of All Wrongful Death Beneficiaries of William T. Colston, Deceased VS UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavioral Health of Denton and Harold Neil Jacobson, M.D.  (File 9/12/12).

4.  Joseph Juraszek VS University Behavioral Health,Assad Islam, M.D.  (Filed 11/19/12).

These cases are all ACTIVE.  FOUR lawsuits for injuries active at one time.  Some before the you-know-who (aka Dr. Kresch) sold this chain to Universal Health Services and some after, so, we can’t blame the previous owners or the current ones exclusively.

Meanwhile, where is the almighty Joint Commission?  On UBH’s website it still shows that they are accredited by the JC.  How can that be?  I’ll tell you how… here.  Every person I know who works in healthcare actually believes that the JC is something to be feared.  I’d say otherwise.  Apparently it hands out accreditation like free candy on October 31.

I wish all of these plaintiffs the best of luck.  May they succeed where I failed.


Ah yes….. finally…..and just remember, for every lawsuit you DO see, there’s probably at least 3 or 4 more never filed because of lack of money or a case that wasn’t strong enough for an attorney to want to hang his/her hat on (that doesn’t mean it didn’t have merit….)

K.L. VS University Behavioral Health of Denton a/k/a UHP, LP d/b/a Univeristy Behavioral Health of Denton; Ascend Health Corporation; Universal Health Services, Inc.; and Praveen Moolamalla, M.D.    #Case No. 2013-61223-393 in Denton County (Texas) Court.

Here is what is fundamentally wrong with this picture:  the wheels of justice move so slowly.  I know who “K.L.” is.   I know when her incident occurred, and, what I want you, readers, to realize is that it took place about 18 months ago, give or take a few months.  In the last 18 months, there has been absolutely no public record of her complaint, or, what happened to her.  Meanwhile, how many of you out there trusted this hospital with yourselves, or your loved ones?  How about your young children?  And if things go as they have with Joseph Juraszek VS University Behavioral Health,Assad Islam, M.D.  filed in November 2012?  It’s going to be a long time before the truth comes out.  (Actually, it probably never will, but, that’s beside the point).  

Then again, there’s this one…..   Kristen Colston, individually and on behalf of the Estate of William T. Colston, Deceased, and on Behalf of All Wrongful Death Beneficiaries of William T. Colston, Deceased VS UHP, LP d/b/a University Behavioral Health of Denton and Harold Neil Jacobson, M.D.    Also filed in 2012.

Here’s another one … I wish I had the story on it, but, it was dismissed without anything being revealed that I can see.  Barbara Gochenour VS Mayhill Behavioral Health LLC d/b/a Mayhill Hospital .


Think carefully when choosing hospitals, people.  Think very very carefully.

Well what do you know... UBH got sued again!

More details

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To the victims and families of UBH Denton and Mayhill Hospital:

Byron Harris, investigative reporter for WFAA News 8, has launched a formal investigation of UBH Denton and Mayhill Hospital. Friday, March 29th at 10:00 AM, interviews will be held. We are urging victims, family members of victims, and former staff members to come forward to tell your story so that changes can be made to these facilities so that no more lives are lost or ruined. Please contact us at for information on where to go and who to talk to.

I find my mind consumed with the news of the latest death.  I’ve got a headache splitting my skull in two but I can’t really think about anything else.

Things that make you go HMMMMM!  Some reporters are doing the job they should have done years ago and investigating what’s happening at the hospital.  For the record, I cannot comment to any of them (I think my lawyer would kill me with his bare hands).  I’m relieved to hear someone is on the case, but, I’m a little offended that it took someone dying to get their interest up.  (You reporters….you can’t say you weren’t told about it plenty of times, I guess somebody dying was a necessary condition for it to be “news?”  How pathetically sad and tragic.)


Meanwhile I offer my condolences to the families of the two dead men.  One of them was 22 years old as I understand it.  What a waste.  I don’t know anything about the most recent one.  Balancing a full-time job, having a life, and getting my ass sued absorb most of my time these days, but I do want to say to the families:  I am here for you, as I have tried to be for everyone else who has suffered through this type of ordeal.  I cannot say I will know the words that will comfort you–I am sure there are none–but please, don’t let your loss be in vain.  Speak up, speak out, and fight like hell.

You can reach me at   Just remember, though, that anything you write on my blog is subject to subpoena by the hospital.  If you prefer to talk to me on the phone, I will send you my number.

Speaking of numbers… got a strange call today from a strange number.  That has been happening more and more lately…. hmmmmmmmm…….

UPDATE ON 3/25:   I have heard from a very reliable source that the Denton PD is already investigating the death.  I will post more updates as I receive information to share.  

Original Post from 3/24 follows:

Either someone is seriously screwing with me…or the problems at these hospitals are far worse than even I imagined.  Today someone posted a comment on my site reporting a death at Mayhill Hospital in Denton.


I’ve included a screen shot of the actual comment, but if you want to see it in its original form, click here.  

Naturally, I’ve sent this on to my attorneys.  Other people who follow the site who have lawsuits pending tell me they have sent it to their attorneys.  But…here’s the real question…. will it make any difference?  Will anyone actually DO anything?  Will the local paper do anything?  The Denton Record Chronicle has been contacted numerous times about this situation, by me and by others I know. They’ve never done a thing.

I’ve corresponded with Byron Harris, of WFAA in Dallas….. I gave him the name of every witness and contact I have.  He said none of them would return his calls.  They said he never contacted them.
Oh, and I’ve reported them to the almighty Joint Commission .   I put absolutely zero faith in that organization, and, you can read the why of that by clicking here. 

 I don’t know what to believe, other than there is so much indifference  about this situation that it may just not matter at all what has happened, or what will happen next…. but….. I’m not giving up just yet.  I have to have faith that what has happened to me, and, what has happened to other people–including the people who are gone and can no longer speak for themselves–will not be in vain.  It just can’t be. 

It doesn’t JUST happen at UBH and Mayhill…. or even just in the USA!   Here’s a piece about Great Britain:


This one hits very close to home for me, since I grew up about an hour from Milledgeville, GA:


Finally, here’s an entire website devoted to mental health horror stories:


For more information on mental health, please contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness.



X’s Story

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A very disturbing e-mail arrived in my inbox today.  The sender asked me to publish it on my site.  He’s desperate to help his wife, and, who can blame him?

My wife volutarily checked in at Ubh of denton on the advice of a clinician who saw my wife at the er. My wife just wanted a couple of days to talk to someone. The clinician wrote on her report that my wife was suicidal and had a drinking problem. Also that she five car accidents in five months. All of it is a distortion of the what my told the clinician. I was there while the clinician asked and my wife answered the questions. As a result of this wrong initial eval, a psychiatrist wrote my wife suicidal without even seeing/speaking to my wife. This all occured on 2/7/13. At the time of the check was coerced and pressured to sign the forms. The patient bill of rights was not explained to her. She refused to sign the financial resp. docs. To which the finance clerk said something like “it doesnt matter I can sign for you”. On 2/8, Dr Jacobson did not allow my wife to speak. He simply said that he had made his decision not to release her based on the eval of a clinician and the other dr. Before Dr. Jacobson spoke to my wife, she had filled out the AMA. So apparently Jacobson was not interested in spking to my wife. She was told by several staff that if she did not rescind the AMA, she was in danger of having a mandatory 90 day court order stay. Also that by going to court that it would be a matter of public record. My wife is not suicidal. She is scared for her life in ubh. She is in the VSU wing with psychotics. I feel like im losing her. I dont how to help her get out.
This is a nightmare. 

…. In the third ring, we present Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire!

Just when I think everything is going to get quiet and improve?  I get another e-mail.  This time from a family member of someone in the Houston, Texas, area.  Apparently their relative is being held at another Ascend Health facility.  It seems that the patient’s rights are being ignored (per The Patient Bill of RIghts in Texas).  I do not yet have all the details.

What disturbs me is that Universal Health Services apparently just completed the purchase of Ascend.  What that means is that Richard Kresch and all his buddies just got over $500 million.  My question is does the newest story to reach my inbox mean that even under new ownership, nothing is apparently going to change at these facilities?  I hope I’m wrong.

Here’s the latest story from none other than Mayhill Hospital.  As always, the name has been changed to protect the victim (but in case UBH’s attorneys are watching, yes, I have this in writing and yes the victim gave me permission to publish this):

I checked in voluntarily to Mahill on 8/28/2012. I was discharged on Labor Day. It was by far the worst experience of my life. There are so many complaints that I do not know if I should elaborate on here. I am a former hospital administrator and am certain of the many violations. Yes, I know who JHACO is etc… I will file complaints with all you recommended.

On Day 1 of my stay for opiate abuse, prescription, a tech on 1st floor told me that if I did not behave and follow the rules that I would be placed in a room which she was more than willing to take me into. I had no idea of a seclusion room and certainly was not a candidate for this. I complained. When I asked to leave thinking I could get AMA paperwork, they instructed me that I could request a 24 hr hold and go to court. Court? Seriously, I am a resident of Upshur County. Why would I go to court in Denton County and I entered voluntarily.
I was soon moved from the substance abuse floor (1) to the 2nd floor with geriatrics, mentally ill patients, agressive patients. Group did me little assistance as there was NO one there with my situation. I was drugged with Seboxone then told I could not leave as the drug they had given me would cause withdrawal symptoms. I asked multiple times for a PDR explanation of Seboxone but I guess they felt I was illiterate.
I began experiencing symptoms of an URI on Friday and requested an appt with the medical doctor, Dr. Evans. I saw him on Saturday with a 104 fever. He suggested I stay away from other patients. How is this possible in group??? When I arrived home, I went to my family doctor on Tuesday to discover I had bilateral pneumonia despite the script Dr. Evans gave for Levaquin.
The techs are barely over 18 y/o and are rude but the adult techs are more intimidating. Yelling at you, stating you need to clean the day room. What? This is a hospital. We could not conduct group over Labor Day weekend due to the harassment of the staff.
A stroke victim I sat with at meals spilled his drinks on average of 2 times per meal. The cafeteria staff would hand me a towel and instruct me to clean it up. Universal precautions??? Not here. I’m now housekeeping staff!!!
I will be happy to elaborate to poor treatment of geriatric patients, aggressive patients being in a smoke room with others which just initiated fights, theft of my property, drugging, misinformation and 5 minutes every 2 days with Dr. Islam, Medical Director who was my psych.
I count myself lucky to have gotten out alive. Seriously! You can check my charts if they have not been alerted which I suspect will be done as the patient advocate could not find my complaint on being threatened with the Seclusion Room. 
So a few days later, she followed up with this:
I spoke to Shannon Jones, Patient Advocate, upon my return to complain. She stated she had been out of the office most of my stay. However, she further informed me that she had received over 30 complaints from patients for mistreatment over the Labor Day weekend. This hospital needs to be sanctioned or shut down. I know in group on Saturday 9/1/2012 our “therapist” Leslie was handing out patient complaint forms to all that attended. Also, one tech, T on night shift was a savior for me. He and I had lengthy talks about the other techs/aides and their immaturity and lack of experience. He stated he realized what his colleagues were doing and was concerned as a Christian. Surprisingly, he encouraged me to not allow the psychiatrist to “cookie cutter” my prognosis or stay. He had a kind spirit and truly was there to help the patients. Unfortunately he was there when we were all sleeping. Who can sleep?? Unless drugged. Severely mental patients were continually roaming the halls, cursing in loud voices and slamming into my room. I have never been so afraid. I pray daily that God will allow my nightmares to end.

Shoniqua’s Story

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This was posted in a comment on my site, but I think it deserves a bit more attention ….  in her own words, here is her story:


“I went to Baylor Grapevine Hospital with a CONCUSSION and they forced me to go to UBH against my will (in an ambulance). I had good insurance and was railroaded into this place. I had to fight to get out. I couldn’t believe anything like that could happen to me in this day and age. I am a professional woman with a successful career and many accomplishments in my life. Yet — that experience has scarred me forever. I wake up in the middle of the night, afraid that someone is going to break down my door and lock me up for no good reason.”

Shoniqua, that was my experience, too.  It took months to stop having nightmares about it, and to stop feeling really freaked out anytime I was in an enclosed space.  People who have never been through this experience like we have cannot possibly understand.

Wishing you much peace….


See this article about the hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas, and the types of things that go on there.  Here’s the gist of it:


“Medical records state the Arlington woman had shoe print-shaped bruises on her arms; fingerprint marks on her arms, legs and inner thighs; bruises under both eyes; and scrapes on her buttocks. Her clothes were stained with blood and urine. Cox — who had spent the previous four days in three different state correctional facilities — told hospital staffers that she had been beaten and raped while in custody.

“The Wichita Falls psychiatric hospital did not call law enforcement. Instead, state hospital records show, staffers decided she was delusional, drugged her and refused to give her a rape kit when she asked for it.”

Now, why am I writing about another hospital?  One of the patients cited in my blog posts told me in a phone call that the patient “advocate” at UBH repeatedly threatened her with being sent to the state facility in Wichita Falls.  Why?  Allegedly because she filed paperwork to leave UBH against medical advice (AMA).

Why would a for profit hospital threaten you with removal to a state hospital?  Wouldn’t they want to keep you there and keep billing insurance?  Well, maybe scaring the holy hell out of you with the threat of a longer-term stay at an even worse facility is a means of psychological terrorism to get you to stay in their facility longer?  I’m not sure, but she’s not the first person to relay that kind of story to me.  I heard stories of it myself when I was an inmate at UBH.  (No, I was not a patient, sorry… I throw up in my mouth a little bit when I use that word in reference to the time I spent at that facility).

People go to mental health hospitals for relief from something that most people cannot imagine.  They go because they are suffering from intense emotional pain and suffering.  How does it help them to threaten an even worse outcome?   You tell me….

My 83 year old mother lost her husband (my father) of 65 years in August 2011, then on December 21, 2011, she fell and shattered her femur prompting surgery to implant a steel rod from her knee to her hip. Shortly following the surgery she was transported to Good Samaritan Denton Village for physical therapy (PT) rehabilitation. Since entering the rehab program she has deteriorated both physically and mentally. We visit her daily and had noticed the decline. On February 2 the nurses began discussing that she was severely depressed and that it was being recommended that she go to the Mayhill Hospital for medication monitoring and adjustment. We were lead to believe that it was a geriatric hospital that specialized in medication adjustment/monitoring and that my mother would continue to get physical therapy……none of this was true.

My mother was done a grave injustice and I do not believe that she should have ever been sent to a psychiatric hospital. She is an elderly woman who lost her husband, her independence and her life as she knew it………who wouldn’t be depressed? She couldn’t hurt herself or anyone else as she is too incapacitated.

She spent a total of eight days in Mayhill Hospital and I cannot begin to tell you the toll that this has taken on my her both mentally and physically as well as my husband and me. Because I was in bed with pneumonia when she was self-admitted, I was unable to see her for five days. On day six at Mayhill I was finally able to go to the hospital and when they were wheeling her toward me, I didn’t even recognize her……I completely lost control of all emotions. She didn’t even look like my mother. In those six days she had lost considerable weight, was physically weakened to the point of shaking and her eyes were gaunt and had no life in them. She did not look like she had had a bath since being admitted as her hair was very oily and dirty, she had crusted food on her mouth, cheek and neck and even under her fingernails were very dirty. I was horrified beyond belief……. She didn’t have her teeth in and when I asked the nurse to get her teeth, she exclaimed “she has teeth?” and I said “yes” she then looked at the other nurse and said “well maybe that’s why she hasn’t been eating”. I told her to go get her teeth and an hour later she returned and said that she couldn’t find them.

They also lost her eyeglasses. Her ankle was wrapped in a bandage and they said she had a sore on the back of her heel from her shoes. Later we learned it was a bed sore. There were adult patients walking up and down the hall cursing and saying vulgarities. It was obvious that mother was frightened and she was too drugged and afraid to asked to be released. She said that she would tell them she wanted to leave, but that they always gave her excuses. I told them that I wanted her released and they gave me a lot of excuses and told me that she was the only one that could ask to be released and that the doctor had to make the final decision. They had her so drugged, she didn’t know how to be persistent in asking to be released. One day she didn’t even know my husband or her own name.

I called three days in a row asking to speak to Dr. Islam, the attending physician, and he was never there and did not return my phone calls until I threatened to contact the media… that point, he called back within one hour. He gave me a lot of lip service and untruths and pretty much dismissed my concerns. <SENTENCE DELETED>   She was slowly dying a little each and every day.. At Mayhill Hospital she was in total isolation except for the company of some very mentally unbalanced individuals, we could only visit her for 1 1/2 hour each day at their designated time, we had to meet her in a common area, were not allowed to see her room, she had no TV in her room, she could not have a phone, we could not bring her outside food and her <PHRASE DELETED>.  In her final days on earth, she should not be subjected to such mistreatment, she needed her friends and family around her, not isolation and crazy people. On Monday, February 13, I contacted a lawyer and within 24 hours my Mother was released.

During the seven days <PHRASE DELETED> they lost her upper dentures, prescription glasses and several items of clothing. When we went through the bags that they sent home we found several items of clothing that did not belong to her. My husband returned them to the hospital the day after her discharge and asked that they look for her missing clothes. He had a photo of her the day she was admitted, in their facility, and that entire outfit is missing. They would not agree to look for anything and became very rude because I had refused to go over the inventory list as my mother was being wheeled out the door the day before. I had been in their facility for 20 minutes waiting for them to bring my mother out and then when the paramedics were bringing her out the door, they then wanted to go over the inventory list. I told them I didn’t have time and would return later to sign their paperwork. I needed to be with my Mother. This place is nothing more than a human warehouse that is taking in the cash without regard for the humans involved. I cannot simply walk away and let these people get away with the wrong that they have done to my poor mother and I certainly do not want this to happen to anyone else. For eight days I felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone.

I believe Mayhill Hospital is guilty of dishonest practices and patient negligence. I firmly believe that they have falsely advertised their mission to the local nursing homes in the hopes of getting referals. I do not believe that if the nurses at the skilled nursing centers really knew what went on at Mayhill that they would recommend it to anyone. I believe that Dr. Islam at Mayhill is incompetent and that the sole mission for the people who own Mayhill Hospital, UBH and other entities is to make money and lots of it.

This has been a horrible experience for all of us, but a tragedy for my mother who since her experience at Mayhill Hospital has slipped into very progressed Dementia. Three monthe ago she lived alone, drove her car and read the daily paper. Now she has to rely on someone to take care of all of her personal needs. It is horrible what Mayhill Hospital did to my mother and I want to shout it from the rooftop. I am so glad that I found your webpage and I pray that we are successful in stopping this insanity. I asked Donnal Fielder with the Denton Record Chronicle to investigate and she declined. I have written every State and Federal Agency that I know of but to no avail. Three weeks ago I asked for my mother’s medical records and I have yet to get them and to put icing on the cake, I have to pay $130 in cash before I can get them. No credit cards or checks accepted. Unbelievable.

I am still reeling from the stories that pour in here.  But most recently was the 59 year old woman who asked to leave the hospital.  When she signed her “AMA” (against medical advice) letter, they began to shun her, refuse to feed her, and the patient advocate threatened to send her to the state mental hospital in Wichita Falls.

But what was most disturbing to me was where they housed her.  She was forced to sleep in the MEN’S unit.  And, apparently there can be no closed doors, not even in the bathroom.  So, when she went to the bathroom and tried to have a little privacy, she had MEN telling her she had to leave the door open.   Talk about the potential for sexual assault–a woman confined to the men’s wing!   This is completely unacceptable.

You know the other thing that troubled me was her husband said that someone there named Gary, I believe, had told him to call at 11:30 a.m. one day to discuss her situation.  The husband called four times and left four messages.  Gary would never take his call.  I hear this a lot from the victims of UBH, and basically what they are doing is operating by hiding behind their closed and locked doors.  I have heard from several people that they went to the hospital and just sat in the waiting room to demand answers or to see a doctor, and, nobody would ever help them or see them.  This is not only inexcusable, it is absolutely crappy customer service.