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This post is a copy of an e-mail I received from a parent of a young man who was admitted to UBH.  The only thing I have changed or edited is his name, which I was asked to change to protect his identity.    

My son was admitted on the 11th of May. After multiple discharge dates I finally had to sign him out AMA after threats of court action. He was supposed to go home for the 3td time on the 24th but they wanted a “family” meeting prior to dismissal. This was the second time this happened. The first meeting with my son and Regina did not go well. It had appeared that Regina was trying to drive a wedge between me and my son. I was dumbfounded at the meeting at how unprofessional she was bringing up her own “abusive” experiences of growing up in a home where there is a lot of yelling… There isn’t a lot of yelling in my home… I have two older children, one graduated with a social work degree and the other is at UNT in the same degree plan and they were both dumbfounded at her incompetence. After that first meeting they claimed he was now no longer able to leave… Two more days they said. I attempted to transfer him… Informed Mesa springs that I’d pay cash so if insurance didn’t approve, that wouldn’t prevent the transfer. They informed my son I was moving him which spun him out. He’d made friends there. Mesa devoted transfer stating he didn’t meet the criteria for inpatient. Then why was he still inpatient?

I requested AMA they threatened to take me to court. Said he’d be released Monday. Monday on my way up they called said no and another meeting was required and earliest that could happen was Wednesday but they planned to release on Wednesday.

Wednesday I took our therapist and my oldest to the meeting again with Regina. Our therapist had to step in in this meeting and ask what is the purpose of this meeting. You are not informing mom or Kevin of what after care us recommended, what mom should look for in the first 72 hours, what coping skills Kevin should use and discussing what Kevin should do if he becomes suicidal once home.

After that meeting our therapist had to leave but they said Kevin would be getting his stuff together to leave. 45 min later Mr Martin came out said Kevin wasnt going to be released.

I was distraught and furious. I left with my daughter and we went to eat while I tried to figure out what to do. I decided to go back sign AMA papers to get that going and go to court if need be because I saw a pattern with no end in sight. He again told me they’d probably take me to court and being Wednesday it’d probably be next week before that would happen. I didn’t care, I just wanted my son out. I was willing to drive straight to another facility to see if inpatient was still necessary and admit.

After signing AMA they called 25 min later and said the doctor determined he was okay to go.

When I got him while digging discharge papers I asked for his meds or a prescription. They refused.

There is more in leaving out but I want to shut this place down. It’s a scam and detrimental to children.

srpizeLooks like I’m not the only person who wants to expose this place for what it is…  check out this website about UHS!!

Well, Duh

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Stories from Other People

Kudos to the DMN for exposing what some of us have known for years.

After my suicide attempt at UBH, the staff had me transported to a Denton hospital. After a friend of mine suggested I was Care Flighted to Parkland in Dallas where I was in ICU 8 days, that suggestion saved my life. After several operations I was moved to Zale Lipshy to begin rehab that would last a couple of years. The skill of Neuro Surgeon Howard Morgan minimized my brain damage. That was the only area minimized. I had severely diminished my cognitive skills. Weeks at Zale before I was released, several attempts as an outpatient, another attempted suicide, a couple of extended stays in psyche wards and finally a 5 month session at Center for Neuro Skills in Irving. My duration at CNS was the most productive and tedious. My friends and acquaintances fell to the wayside. My wife did the best she knew how. My children were traumatized and scared beyond words. Still are to this day. My lawyer Michael Hindman stood by my side with Blind Faith. He did the best he could in one of the toughest situations imaginable. My story began at my November 28th trial in Denton. Since July of 2015 my wife has filed for divorce, my children are splintered and I am trying to keep what family I have left together. I live on Disability which is reduced 50% by divorce support rulings. I’m making headway with my children and trying to reinvent my career after 33years in the field of athletic strength & conditioning. I’m working on my physical health with physical limitations from the building collapse. I’m managing my PTSD with therapy and medication. I learned first hand the poor state of mental health care and the negative connotations that follow it. In my rehabilitation process I watched a PBS broadcast about our mental health system. It was sponsored by the Haliburton family. In the broadcast they told a personal story that ended tragically. If a family with the means for unlimited help can’t find appropriate help, our country’s state of mental health illness is devastated.

J’s Story: Day 3

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Stories from Other People

Day 3 , GAME DAY, It was a normal Sunday. Only exception it was my 3rd day at UBH. My wife and I asked many staff members if we could watch something else know that this would be the first time in over 30 years I would not participate in a week end. The staff would be antimate about showing the game. Camille continued to ask for my doctor, still no sighting of him. My wife’s stayed with me to comfort me. I watched sparingly as Camille continued to bring me back to my room. As the day continued my anxiety rose and I became agitated. We ate dinner in the common room together. Before her time was up my wife pleaded with the staff to keep a close watch on me and possibly give me some medicine to help me. Camille had to leave so I made my way to my room. I read the bible for peace, channeling my Christian friends. Tonight was the most agitating, thinking of losing my career and family. The later it got the more unsettled I became. Around 6am. I decided I wanted to kill myself. First I tried banging my head on the bed corners, bruises, no luck. Next I tried banging my head on the bathroom fixtures, they were designed not to assist in that encounter. I became very frustrated, I wondered how I could do those things and no one at the nurses station could hear me. As I laid back down I noticed my supplies that I kept bringing back from counseling sessions. Amongst the supplies were 3 golf pencils. I first attempted to force a pencil in my ear, not working. I didn’t have the will power to enter my eye. Finally I thought if I could jam a pencil into my brain through my nose I could get the results I want, Death, end of my mental unwinding.

As I place the first pencil in my nose I could hear tissue destroyed every little movement. No blood, just tissue destroyed. I proceeded to push a second pencil behind the first. I could hear stronger tissue and began to see more blood. I began to destroy the second nostril. A lot of tissue broken, no blood. Knowing I needed more depth, I used my toothbrush to push the third pencil higher until I saw blood. I sat in my bed for a couple of minutes wondering what I had done. Eventually I walked to the common room and collapsed.

Day 2 Today, Saturday I was presented the most information, not in any pattern just by nurses, counselor sand techs. The morning was spent on my drug prescriptions. Mostly nurses would discuss what I was prescribed before UBH and what was in my file. I had several group therapy sessions. Upon completing my sessions I always went to my room to fest and PUT UP MY SUPPLIES. Early afternoon was spent with a nurse that related to me growing up in Chicago in a alcoholic household. She informed me I was lucky to be alive and if I did not stay in treatment I would be dead in two years. The nurse was sincere, but raised my anxiety level to new heights. I became very paranoid about my employer finding out I was here and losing my job. I went to more group sessions this afternoon, finding one session very relaxing. Just as with my other sessions I went to rest and PUT UP MY SUPPLIES. The soldier I met earlier was constantly consoling me, a wonderful human being. My wife visited as much as permitted and asked to speak with my doctor about potentially not showing the football game on the television, fearing it would be a bad trigger for my unstable state. I told her I wasn’t doing well and sh emphasized this to the staff. Still no contact with my doctor. I got to eat in the dining hall today, we moved in groups of 8-10, locked corridor through locked corridor. In the dining hall servers had no sanitary standards, serving with bare hands and slopping the food on treys. Older patients traded food and I gave mine away. On returning to the community room I said good bye to my wife and went to my room. In a few minutes I went to use the community phone but it was tied up and I didn’t get to call my wife. As I tried to sleep there was rowdy activity in the hall. One of the male patients asked me to join a prayer vigil in the hall were a young female was having a seizure. We prayed, sang hymns and watched as she squirmed on the floor. Eventually a tech brought an antiquated ECT machine and shocked the young girl. We all went to our rooms, I began to pray constantly for peace and help. I was praying to God and my spiritual guide, Rev. Charlie Biggurs. I wrote notes in a notebook as I prayed. I had no concept of time. Once the lights were out I concentrated to sleep, no way! There was a girl walking the floors all night, dragging her slippers. If I rested it wasn’t more than 2 hours. Lack of rest, being CONFINED in this hospital and my mental state had me reeling down with no apparent help or concern.

Day 1. We arrive at UBH and we do the intake with a doctor and a couple of nurses and techs. I’m determined to have severe PTSD, and a level of suicidiology. This is important because during the trial it was important if I was Passive or Active in my level of suicidiology. I was put on a 15 minute watch, even though I presented that I felt like driving under the truck. It’s basically an introduction day, most of my introduction was by an African American female soldier. She was there from war trauma. I was given a room adjacent to the community room and nurses station. It was a big situation to get my proper medicine. I couldn’t imagine what they would give me for my raging anxiety. I rested in my room after my wife left. As the night went on there were some people walking the halls and coming to the nurses station. My sleep was intermittent, trying to get used to my surroundings. I began to read the bible and pray to God. I didn’t know what was wrong, in hindsight this would be my best night at UBH.