My Story

In January of 2008 I went to a Denton, Texas, hospital emergency room.  I was having a bad reaction to Chantix/Champix.   The hospital emergency room ran tests on me, and had me evaluated by an intake counselor from UBH Denton.  The counselor determined that I needed to go to UBH, and assured my friend with me that I was going voluntarily and not being committed.  Then:

1.  Within 12 hours of being admitted, and after visiting with a doctor for maybe 15 minutes at the most, I was diagnosed as a bipolar alcoholic.  They immediately medicated me with klonopin and LITHIUM.

2.  On day 4, after realizing they were only going to keep drugging me and treating me like an alcoholic criminal, I asked to leave.  They held me against my will for commitment.

3.  On day 5, I learned that the chemical dependency coordinator had me mixed up with a convicted felon who was also a patient there.  He thought I was someone else!

4.  On day 6, Dr. Atique Khan wrote on my discharge papers that I had been admitted after an attempted overdose, which was absolutely not true.  This means he never did really know who I was or why I was there.

5.  I was sent home on lithium and klonopin. The lithium destroyed my thyroid function.  It has taken  years and thousands of dollars in tests and treatments to get healthy again, and even then, I’m not recovered.  I have just learned to live with 40 extra pounds.  (That period of time when my hair broke off and fell out is finally a bad memory, fortunately.)

To this day UBH Denton and Dr. Atique Khan refuse to apologize to me or even acknowledge what they did.  When I sued them for false imprisonment they basically threatened ME with a lawsuit and I couldn’t afford to take that risk and maybe lose my house.

Thanks for reading….  let’s start with the letter I sent the hospital. It’s a nice summary of what happened.


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