Here are links to video and print reports on UBH / Mayhill or their parent company, Universal Health Services:


October 20, 2013:  Byron Harris (WFAA TV, Dallas, Texas):  report on allegations against hospital.

November 12, 2013:  Byron Harris (WFAA TV, Dallas, Texas):   report on women held against their will at these hospitals.


Ongoing:  Blog called “Watching UHS”

Report: “Failure to Care:  A National Report on Universal Health Service’s Behavioral Health Operations”

February 21, 2012:  CNN/icann Report:  allegations of false imprisonment at the hospital.


  1. Pamela K Corey says:

    Help..i went to was awful..

  2. Pam corey says:

    I just saw my Medicare bill and Mayhill charged 21500. For just hospital stay not counting what my Dr. charged. I was told by a nurse there I could gone home a lot sooner if I would just take the medication (for bipolar when I had ocd ): So I took bipolar meds so I could be released. I starting taking them and got discharged.

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