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I got a text message the other day from someone who asked me if I had given up on my blog, and why no one was posting anything on it anymore.  No, I haven’t given up on my blog.  Yes, I’m still here. Yes I’m still helping people who contact me at   But, I have been quiet.  And I’ll explain the two reasons for that.

The biggest reason is to give the legal system time to handle all the lawsuits filed against this facility.  Click here to see a list of those.  As of this writing several of the lawsuits are still open and winding their way through the slow and arduous process of discovery, taking depositions, etc.  I’m surprised I haven’t already been subpoenaed for those, but, then again I seriously doubt that the lawyers for the hospital want what I know, saw and heard in the formal record.  In any case, I did not want to post anything on this blog that could have any bearing on the outcomes of those cases.

The other reason is I have slowly and steadily recovered from my ordeal and I’ve tried to put it behind me.  Life has moved on in very pleasant directions, and I find that dwelling on the past isn’t helpful to me.  But, I fought too long and too hard to keep this blog to abandon it.  I still keep an eye on it and I read all the comments that people post.

I still care and want to see justice done, but sadly it’s just not going to be because the parent company of the hospital has more money than God.   Universal Health Services is a Fortune 500 company.  In 2014 they did over $8.5 billion in revenue, grossing about a half a billion in net profit.  So all these legal bills, all the court costs, etc?  Those are nothing but budget dust for them!

If they gave each of the victims with lawsuits pending $1 million, that would represent .8% of their 2014 profits.  Now $4 million sounds like a lot until you put it in dollars that us regular folks can relate to.  Suppose you made $100,000 a year and had to pay out lawsuit verdicts that represented .8% of your income.  That would be a whopping $800.   You really wouldn’t notice that amount after it’s all said and done.

However, the wrongful death cases probably won’t yield $1 million apiece.   The plaintiffs will be lucky to get $500,000 apiece is my best guess.  But, we’ll never know what these suits yield for the grieving families because they will all ultimately settle out of court, allowing all the horrid things that happened to be sealed up in a nondisclosure agreement never to be discussed again.

Where Are They Now?

The mastermind behind UBH cashed in his chips years ago and made a killing.   Yes, Dr. Richard Kresch has started another mega-venture — US HealthVest and he’s opening up more hospitals around the country.   Other than an unpleasant legal bill or two, it seems I didn’t really make much of a difference in his behavior.  Oh well.

A cursory look on LinkedIn shows that there’s lots of new faces on the UBH leadership team.  It is my sincerest wish that they can and will fix the problems that I and others encountered.  Meanwhile the CEO who was running UBH has been hired by none other than US HealthVest.  Go figure!

Can’t find much online about Dr. Atique Khan.  Physician ranking sites continue to show pretty poor patient satisfaction ratings, which doesn’t surprise me.

So, that’s about all the news I have for now.  I’ll of course post when there is more.


I have thoroughly enjoyed helping each and every person who asked me for help with their situation regarding UBH Denton.  As much as I hated seeing anyone go through the nightmare that I went through, it was vindicating to know that it wasn’t “just me.”

But, please please please…. if you are dealing with UBH at this point in time, do NOT write me or post any comments to my blog.  You see, Mr. John Dozier, of, thinks it’s all in good fun to name everyone who posted something that Richard Kresch and Atique Khan didn’t like as co-defendants in the lawsuit against me.  If you post anything on this blog, even as an innocent comment, you could ultimately be named as a co-defendant as well.  Don’t risk it.

IF you need help or advice, please e-mail me at with your phone number and ask me to call you.  I will call you back as soon as I can, and then I can give you the name of an attorney who will help you, and, I can answer any questions you have.  But, do NOT write anything on my blog as a comment, please.  You are leaving yourself wide open to have John Dozier try to make an example out of you and I’d hate to see you have to spend the kind of cash I’m spending on a lawyer just because you feel the need to tell the truth about this “hospital.”  I just have to put that word in quotes because it’s NOT a real hospital in the medical sense of the word, IN MY OPINION, WHICH I AM STILL ENTITLED TO.  

As much as I hated seeing anyone else go through the hell that I went through, it has been a pleasure to help everyone who needed me when they had a loved one stuck in this “hospital.”  It made something positive come out of my experience.  And, if I lose the lawsuit?  I still win, for two reasons:

1.  I’ve managed to show the true colors of UBH and Ascend and Richard Kresch and John “Bull-y” Dozier.  (Yes, John, I’m calling you a bully.  Because IN MY OPINION WHICH I AM STILL ENTITLED TO, I think you are one.)
2.  I know, in my heart, I did the right thing the entire way through, and, I did it for the right reasons.

This post, and this entire website, is dedicated to Jack.

Yes, I realize it’s all about the money, but IN MY OPINION (and yes, I can still have one, even if I am getting my pants sued off), that’s kind of how it was when I was in UBH…. all about the money.  That, IN MY OPINION, didn’t do much for the quality of care I got or the success of the treatment.  It was just about the money.  And if you’re a good business person?  That will make perfect sense to you.  Until someone you love–someone who is important to you–ends up in a hospital like this.  Just ask my son.  Or my parents.  Or my then-boyfriend.

And by the way, I posted this comment to their blog post. It is “await moderation” and I’m sure it won’t make it to publication, but, I wrote it just the same and I’m proud of it:

ubhdenton on June 17, 2012 at 11:45 am said:Your comment is awaiting moderation.

“I have debated for a week whether or not to post here.  And I figure, “What else can Richard Kresch and Ascend “Healthcare” do to me?”  You’re already suing me for $6 million.

“Mr. Chee needs to seriously look at the business practices of his boy, Richard, before bragging about how he “improves” healthcare services.  I don’t begrude you the right to make such an astronomical profit, but please do not mislead the public about how you did it.”


FYI…. they didn’t ever publish my comment on their blog, at least not as of this writing.

Check out all the good news going on over at Ascend Health…

Today I also stumbled upon this little gem of a website that you really must read about another Ascend health facility that I have not focused on much since it’s unfamiliar to me.  In particular, look at the comments section and note the similarities between the things said on my blog and what these people say about this facility:

In particular, note this doctor’s comment (reprinted in its entirety, and without any editing, but I’m putting certain parts in RED for emphasis).

“I’m a doc that has worked for companies like this one. First: don’t believe *everything* you read above, BUT believe a lot of it. Second: When you hear “It’s all about the money,” you can be sure that is correct when you are talking about administration. If the staff wanted to make money, they would have picked different careers. The trick is figuring out if the company has a balance between profit to stay open/relevant and providing high quality care. When you hear how miserable the staff is at a place like this (search the net for staff satisfaction scores), you can be sure that the place doesn’t have a decent balance. If they treat the staff like rubbish, they will have rubbish for staff…So Third: look at the history of the corporate leadership. They’ve built several low-quality profit machines and sold them quickly. Do you want those guys directing your program?”

Sing it Nelly…. “Haaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy… it MUST da Money!”

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” — Winston Churchill

Four weeks ago today I got smacked upside the head with the lawsuit.   I confess…the first few days I was in shock.  It’s embarrassing, frightening, and unnerving on a good day, but even moreso if you are flying to another continent 12 hours after being served.  Trust me, that is one miserable plane ride.   But, eventually I found a wonderful group of attorneys to represent me and the rest of my trip was delightful and I haven’t lost too much sleep over it since.

As I have proven having survived the last 4+ years, what doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.   This lawsuit experience is no different.  It’s going to be messy and expensive, but, it’s going to allow the truth to finally get its pants on and catch up to everyone who needs to hear it.  As my buddy Winston C. would say….

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

Meanwhile, I’m finding lots more great quotes from Winston Churchill that seem to apply to this situation and I’m enjoying reading more and more about him.  Here’s another one I am very fond of:

“One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!”

Okay, I won’t!

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

“If you’re going through hell, keep going,”

“Never, never, never give up.”

All of these quotes are by the same wonderful and courageous man, Winston Churchill.  Cheers to him!


On March 7, 2012, a private investigator showed up at my door and served me with a lawsuit filed by Ascend Health Corporation, UHP, LP (d/b/a University Behavioral Health of Denton), Richard Kresch, M.D., and Atique Khan, M.D.  They ask for a bunch of money they know I don’t have, plus ownership of all my websites, which include this WordPress blog and

I have entirely too much respect for the American legal system to drag all the details out here on a blog, plus, that would be kind of stupid on my part. So, don’t look for updates or notices about how things are going.  I guess as long as the site is here, you’ll know I haven’t gotten my butt kicked.  If it disappears?  Well, you’ll know I have shoe prints on my backside.  But, I did think that everyone who chooses to do business with UBH and Ascend Health should know how they operate, in addition to all the other things I’ve revealed on my blog to date.

The date I was served with the lawsuit corresponded with my departure the following day for a three week trip overseas. And in Federal court, you have 21 days to respond to a lawsuit.  How convenient for them that they had such fortunate timing to serve me less than 12 hours before I left for the airport!  I wonder if that unfriendly private investigator who served me had been keeping an eye on me?  I can’t prove that, but it sure seems like convenient timing that I got served when I would be at the greatest disadvantage.

It is my opinion that it was also quite unsportsmanlike of them to refuse my request for an eixtension of time to respond to the suit, given the circumstances.  But hey, that’s John “Bull Dozier” Dozier, the for ya!

Please note I did NOT make up that nickname, nor am I calling him “names.”  The “Bull Dozier” moniker is featured in an article that he shares on his own website, in an article about being a SuperLawyer (2006).   Apparently he is a Super Lawyer!  Well, I take that back… he was in 2006 and 2007 but not now, at least according to the Super Lawyer website.   (I have to wonder what caused him to lose his super powers?)

There was never any attempt to talk this out, or even to send me a nasty letter.  For those of you who think that our court system is used frivolously, just consider that they filed a lawsuit for millions of dollars that they know I don’t have before simply asking me to stop blogging, which they never once did.

Now Mr. Dozier can call all of this “defamatory” if he likes, but, the truth is never defamatory, nor is a personal opinion.  Everything noted above is either the truth or it’s an opinion I am sharing with my readers.

I have always been completely candid and transparent about who I am and why I’m doing this.  I’ve helped a lot of people since I launched this site in September of 2010.  So, even if I lose… even if a judge orders me to stop blogging about this company?  I still win because I did the right thing and I stood up for what I believed in.  I also stood up for myself against a bully.  My family is proud of me for that, my friends are proud of me, and I can look myself in the mirror and sleep well at night.  I wonder if the plaintiffs in this lawsuit can say the same thing?

As you can see from my recent posts, I’m on the receiving end of a lawsuit field by UBH’s parent company, Dr. Richard Kresch and Dr. Atique Khan.  In the interest of not feeding the trolls, I’m declining to post any new stories or comments on my site from any third parties.  If you have written me, please forgive the lack of response, and accept my sincerest apologies for not being able to correspond with you personally.

If you feel that you have been injured by ANY hospital in Texas, I strongly suggest using this section of my site to take proactive steps towards filing a complaint regarding your experience.  Please do not be afraid to speak out!   It is only by speaking up and sharing your experience that you can make a positive difference in the quality of health care received in the future by you, your friends and family members.

Suffering in silence, and letting dangerous or neglectful actions on the part of any medical provider go unreported devalues you and others like you who have been mistreated.  Do not let your negative experience be ONLY negative–use it to do some good, to make some positive changes and improvements in the medical community.  That’s what I have tried to do with mine, and while it’s perhaps costing me something in the short run?  I know I did and continue to do the right thing, and I can look myself in the mirror and know that I did what was right.

Okay, so let’s say you are Ascend Health care.  And, you have let my site exist for over 18 months.  Suddenly you think I’m conspiring against you and the things I’ve said are false, so you need $1 million and you need to sue a single mom who works for a living to prove your point?  


Here’s the latest story sent to me:


I am very sorry for your experience. I posted mine on your website in hopes that it will be reviewed by others so that they do not feel alone. We all depend on these people who went to school for years to take care of our most precious family members, when their young, old, shaken and disturbed by life. As a home health provider, I am left alone with old people ALL the time that depend completely on me for their life. It is sad to see this dependency abused. I would like my case reviewed by an attorney, as I am, also, going to file with CPS because this happened to my 14 year old daughter. My daughter was in the hospital, had some words with another girl, and had her head bashed into a wall as she was walking away. There was no one supervising to stop the argument or the physical attack that took place afterwards. My daughter was crying for me all night and never allowed to call me. If they were still awake in the game room or lounge, then it still should have been early enough for her to call me, especially in this situation. Also, she was taken to be seen by a nurse – another reason that it was serious enough for me to be called. It was Saturday, and the visiting hours were from 11-12, I believe. I was in school and could not attend. On Sunday, I had a co-dependent session during the visiting hours (I was not avoiding my daughter, but she was upset with me when I visited because of some things I would not tolerate at home), so I tried calling several times during the day to talk to her because I missed her. When I got out of my meeting and was eating dinner, around 7:30, Sky called me and told me what had happened. The girl was not even in restriction and she was throwing furniture around and Sky said she was still hitting other people. I had the police meet me at the hospital and pressed charges. I withdrew her immediately that night (AMA) and they would not give me any prescriptions for her. It took me two weeks with her primary psychiatrist that she’s had for two years to get things straightened out. She was on meds that they had put her on two years ago at UBH by Dr. Islam. When we went in this time, Dr. Jacobsen sneered at the medications she was being given (Zoloft and another one) and said, “These meds are for adults, they should not be given to teenagers because they do not work.” Did he realize he was speaking about the meds Dr. Islam had prescribed Sky two years earlier? Sad. He immediately sat down and wrote out a whole new set of four medicines, Celexa, Abilify, Trazadone and some other one. Now she is down to Geodon and Adderall since coming out of the hospital. My daughter’s incident was probably considered minor compared to others, but she is my only child and I am furious that she went through this completely alone – ALL NIGHT. I was not called and, if a nurse was called in to check her – I consider that grounds for me to be called. If my daughter is hurting and crying for me – I consider that grounds for me to be called. If one of the patients that I watched had this happen to them, I would have been on the horn with a family member immediately. I felt like they were trying to get Sky to cover up what happened and hoped she would play it down if enough time passed by.
This is my story. I am still contacting Child Protective Services because I think it is important for them to know. I, also, know there is the same agency for Elderly Citizens and I encourage every person that has had a family member hurt while in the care of UBH to contact the appropriate agency to file a complaint. 


I previously misrepresented the facts surrounding the lawsuit filed against me by Ascend Health.  I stated previously that they sued me for $1 million, and, I want to make it clear that my statement regarding that was made in haste, and, was not accurate.  My apologies to Ascend Health.

As it turns out, they are actually suing me for $5.5 million plus attorney’s fees.

Again, I apologize for the mistake I made in publishing this information.

My 83 year old mother lost her husband (my father) of 65 years in August 2011, then on December 21, 2011, she fell and shattered her femur prompting surgery to implant a steel rod from her knee to her hip. Shortly following the surgery she was transported to Good Samaritan Denton Village for physical therapy (PT) rehabilitation. Since entering the rehab program she has deteriorated both physically and mentally. We visit her daily and had noticed the decline. On February 2 the nurses began discussing that she was severely depressed and that it was being recommended that she go to the Mayhill Hospital for medication monitoring and adjustment. We were lead to believe that it was a geriatric hospital that specialized in medication adjustment/monitoring and that my mother would continue to get physical therapy……none of this was true.

My mother was done a grave injustice and I do not believe that she should have ever been sent to a psychiatric hospital. She is an elderly woman who lost her husband, her independence and her life as she knew it………who wouldn’t be depressed? She couldn’t hurt herself or anyone else as she is too incapacitated.

She spent a total of eight days in Mayhill Hospital and I cannot begin to tell you the toll that this has taken on my her both mentally and physically as well as my husband and me. Because I was in bed with pneumonia when she was self-admitted, I was unable to see her for five days. On day six at Mayhill I was finally able to go to the hospital and when they were wheeling her toward me, I didn’t even recognize her……I completely lost control of all emotions. She didn’t even look like my mother. In those six days she had lost considerable weight, was physically weakened to the point of shaking and her eyes were gaunt and had no life in them. She did not look like she had had a bath since being admitted as her hair was very oily and dirty, she had crusted food on her mouth, cheek and neck and even under her fingernails were very dirty. I was horrified beyond belief……. She didn’t have her teeth in and when I asked the nurse to get her teeth, she exclaimed “she has teeth?” and I said “yes” she then looked at the other nurse and said “well maybe that’s why she hasn’t been eating”. I told her to go get her teeth and an hour later she returned and said that she couldn’t find them.

They also lost her eyeglasses. Her ankle was wrapped in a bandage and they said she had a sore on the back of her heel from her shoes. Later we learned it was a bed sore. There were adult patients walking up and down the hall cursing and saying vulgarities. It was obvious that mother was frightened and she was too drugged and afraid to asked to be released. She said that she would tell them she wanted to leave, but that they always gave her excuses. I told them that I wanted her released and they gave me a lot of excuses and told me that she was the only one that could ask to be released and that the doctor had to make the final decision. They had her so drugged, she didn’t know how to be persistent in asking to be released. One day she didn’t even know my husband or her own name.

I called three days in a row asking to speak to Dr. Islam, the attending physician, and he was never there and did not return my phone calls until I threatened to contact the media… that point, he called back within one hour. He gave me a lot of lip service and untruths and pretty much dismissed my concerns. <SENTENCE DELETED>   She was slowly dying a little each and every day.. At Mayhill Hospital she was in total isolation except for the company of some very mentally unbalanced individuals, we could only visit her for 1 1/2 hour each day at their designated time, we had to meet her in a common area, were not allowed to see her room, she had no TV in her room, she could not have a phone, we could not bring her outside food and her <PHRASE DELETED>.  In her final days on earth, she should not be subjected to such mistreatment, she needed her friends and family around her, not isolation and crazy people. On Monday, February 13, I contacted a lawyer and within 24 hours my Mother was released.

During the seven days <PHRASE DELETED> they lost her upper dentures, prescription glasses and several items of clothing. When we went through the bags that they sent home we found several items of clothing that did not belong to her. My husband returned them to the hospital the day after her discharge and asked that they look for her missing clothes. He had a photo of her the day she was admitted, in their facility, and that entire outfit is missing. They would not agree to look for anything and became very rude because I had refused to go over the inventory list as my mother was being wheeled out the door the day before. I had been in their facility for 20 minutes waiting for them to bring my mother out and then when the paramedics were bringing her out the door, they then wanted to go over the inventory list. I told them I didn’t have time and would return later to sign their paperwork. I needed to be with my Mother. This place is nothing more than a human warehouse that is taking in the cash without regard for the humans involved. I cannot simply walk away and let these people get away with the wrong that they have done to my poor mother and I certainly do not want this to happen to anyone else. For eight days I felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone.

I believe Mayhill Hospital is guilty of dishonest practices and patient negligence. I firmly believe that they have falsely advertised their mission to the local nursing homes in the hopes of getting referals. I do not believe that if the nurses at the skilled nursing centers really knew what went on at Mayhill that they would recommend it to anyone. I believe that Dr. Islam at Mayhill is incompetent and that the sole mission for the people who own Mayhill Hospital, UBH and other entities is to make money and lots of it.

This has been a horrible experience for all of us, but a tragedy for my mother who since her experience at Mayhill Hospital has slipped into very progressed Dementia. Three monthe ago she lived alone, drove her car and read the daily paper. Now she has to rely on someone to take care of all of her personal needs. It is horrible what Mayhill Hospital did to my mother and I want to shout it from the rooftop. I am so glad that I found your webpage and I pray that we are successful in stopping this insanity. I asked Donnal Fielder with the Denton Record Chronicle to investigate and she declined. I have written every State and Federal Agency that I know of but to no avail. Three weeks ago I asked for my mother’s medical records and I have yet to get them and to put icing on the cake, I have to pay $130 in cash before I can get them. No credit cards or checks accepted. Unbelievable.

I am still reeling from the stories that pour in here.  But most recently was the 59 year old woman who asked to leave the hospital.  When she signed her “AMA” (against medical advice) letter, they began to shun her, refuse to feed her, and the patient advocate threatened to send her to the state mental hospital in Wichita Falls.

But what was most disturbing to me was where they housed her.  She was forced to sleep in the MEN’S unit.  And, apparently there can be no closed doors, not even in the bathroom.  So, when she went to the bathroom and tried to have a little privacy, she had MEN telling her she had to leave the door open.   Talk about the potential for sexual assault–a woman confined to the men’s wing!   This is completely unacceptable.

You know the other thing that troubled me was her husband said that someone there named Gary, I believe, had told him to call at 11:30 a.m. one day to discuss her situation.  The husband called four times and left four messages.  Gary would never take his call.  I hear this a lot from the victims of UBH, and basically what they are doing is operating by hiding behind their closed and locked doors.  I have heard from several people that they went to the hospital and just sat in the waiting room to demand answers or to see a doctor, and, nobody would ever help them or see them.  This is not only inexcusable, it is absolutely crappy customer service.


i was entered into UBH about two months ago and was there for a week. i was surrounded by complete chaos and NO BODY knew what the hell they were doing. i am 16 and was one of maybe 2 or 3 girls who were calm like i was. i kept my sanity so i could leave there ASAP, but all the staff and doctors other than nurse kathy were the same. not everyone needs to be put on medicine or pills and when i was put on pills they made me very irritable and tired so i wasnt participating in “group therapy” which made me stay longer than i needed to be there. the only people that helped me was nurse kathy, she needs a promotion, and a paramedic named jimmy who was the nicest person to me the whole time there. the girls admitted there with me needed more than help. they all went crazy on purpose trying to get “booty juiced” or were fighting each other, some girls were even dating each other! some girls were even bragging about how the kissed/were seeing the girls there. this is a mental hospital, not! the staff needs/needed to pay WAY more attention to the children and young adults and less to their drama and trying to build relationships with them. kids were beating each other up, it was probably the worst week of my life.

I just got off the phone with your latest victim, who I will call “Mary.”  And UBH… you REALLY shouldn’t have done that.  First of all, preparing to send someone to court to defend themselves and their freedom without giving them advance notice, and, without making sure their husband had time to find a lawyer?  Absolutely inexcusable.

Coleen, Miss “Patient Advocate?”  I heard you threatened Mary this morning.  Because she “caused all that trouble.”  What trouble?  She asked to leave the facility.  And, signed an “Against Medical Advice” letter asking to leave.  So as she left for court (where she was granted her freedom), she was threatened by you with being put in a van and transported to the state mental hospital in Wichita Falls?  You’re a mean spirited bitch of an “advocate,” aren’t you?

Listen Nurse Ratched (and I suspect there’s more than one of you involved in this)….denying a woman with pneumonia meals and medication is NOT treatment, and it’s not therapy.  My favorite story, though, was about the woman who needed her medication.  She begged and pleaded for it.  While the nurses and doctor Jacobsen (nice job, Dr. Quack) ignored her.  Then she had a Grand Mal seizure, and had to be taken to the emergency room.

Your staff is either incompetent or they’re under orders to be grossly neglectful of the patients in their care.  Either way, they should all be fired and the management team should be put in jail for reckless endangerment.  My lawyer reminds me to say “That is my humble opinion,” but something tells me there are others who will share it with me.

The stories keep pouring in and I’ll keep posting them as long as they do.

How would you like it if….

1.  Your loved one was in UBH and asked to leave there by filling out the appropriate paperwork.  After that, they were denied one or more meals?

2.  You called the “patient advocate” at UBH and asked questions, and, he told you that you should call back at a certain time for answers.  And, after four calls and messages left for him, plus several hours, you still don’t have your answers?

3.  Your family member… or you… were told by UBH that if you didn’t cooperate, they would transfer you to Wichita Falls, TX, to the state mental institution?

4.  Your spouse was given doses of the same medication that they overdosed on in the first place, thus requiring admission to UBH?

These are just some of the things that happen at this hospital.  Some.   There is strength in numbers, folks, and it is time to stop putting up with this.    Please share this site with everyone you know who works in the medical field in the North Texas area so that everyone may be warned.

For reading and sharing this blog.  We had 422 hits on Thursday, March 8. That’s an all-time record.  And, that means there were 422 new chances to protect unsuspecting people from a horrible experience at a hospital that would only traumatize them rather than help them.

I’d like to just point out that ads are not for sale by me on this site.  Any ads you see are put there by WordPress because they host the blog.  They sell ad space to generate revenue.  I suppose I could/should set it up to sell ad space… this site has been built and maintained by me at my own expense.  But I don’t want anyone to question my motives or intentions.  At this point this is simply about giving the victims of Ascend Health a voice and a place to share their stories.

More will be happening soon, though.  I promise you that.



If you have been a patient at either UBH Denton or Mayhill Hospitals, and held against your will (especially after signing yourself in voluntarily), it is imperative that you contact me immediately.  E-mail me at   with a brief summary of your story.  I have at least one attorney (and am talking to others) willing to listen to you, and, consider representing a large group of you.  Hey, my lawsuit didn’t work out, but your’s just might!  There is strength in numbers in the legal system, the more of you that come together, the better.

The bottom line is that UBH is billing, now, $2,100 per night.  Every night they can force someone to stay at their facility, that’s another $2,100 in the bank.  Even if the insurance companies that reimburse them only do so at a rate of 50%, that’s still $1,050.  And, let me assure you, as someone who has been on the inside, they aren’t providing any services or facilities that are remotely worthy of such charges.

If you ask to leave… or your parents want to take you out.. they hold you against your will for just “one more day.”  Sometimes two, or three… and always under the promise that they will get a court order to keep you.  <SENTENCE DELETED>

<SENTENCE DELETED>  Why health insurers keep putting up with this I’ll never know, but my guess is their insureds aren’t telling them what’s happening.  After all, it’s embarrassing enough to be in a psychiatric hospital in the first place.  It’s even more demeaning to be held or commitment.  By the time most people get out of this poor excuse for a hospital, they are so broken and worn out they just want to put the experience behind them.

<SENTENCE DELETED>  They let them walk  as soon as they insisted on leaving.  So no, you weren’t crazy.  And you didn’t deserve to be “committed.”  <SENTENCE DELETED>  Plain and simple.  Don’t be embarrassed, or ashamed.  Be PISSED OFF.

Even if no lawyer takes this case, I assure you, there will be strength in our numbers.  I have e-mailed tonight every person who has ever contacted me privately about their experience to ask them to send me contact information.  It is time to pull together and it is time to find someone who will be your voice.  We’ll find that person, and, if we don’t?  We’ll create our own voice.  I promise you, I’ve already figured out how.

Here is just an overview of what happened the night we went to the ER. patient had been depressed and we were simply wanting to get a prescription to help with her depression and a referral to be seen by a doctor. Neither one of us have a Primary Care Physician(PCP) that could refer her to a doctor, so we were hoping that the ER doctor could get the process started. I drove her to the ER and we are seen by the triage nurse. Upon admission, the nurse asked why we are here and I told her, depression, she asked me some questions and then told me to include suicidal thoughts as well as depression on the admission form. We walked into the admitting room and the nurse began asking a brief history and why we were at the ER. We told her our story and how we wanted to get a referral and some depression medicine. She entered all patients vitals, and asked her if she was going to kill herself, how would she perform it, and patient told her, she would do it with pills. This was after she asked patient if she tried suicide and patient told her no.

We then left the admission area, and proceeded through the ER to room #7, all on her own unassisted power. We arrived to the room and there was no bed, we waited for the nurse to go find a bed and then return, still just standing there waiting. Once the bed arrived, the nurse asked patient to remove her shirt and pants and dress in a hospital gown, she did this unassisted as well. Once she had changed, another nurse came into the room and asked patient if she would give a urine sample, patient agreed. The nurse told her the bathroom was to the right of the nurses station, behind a door on the right. patient, again unassisted, and alone walked to the bathroom and and returned to the ER room with her urine sample. They took a series of vital signs, BP, temp, HR, and o2 Saturation and all normal, turned off the machine and then came back minutes later to do an EKG. The reason I feel all this is important is because if she had in fact been overdosed on benadryl and ativan as they claim, she would not have been able to do all this on her own power. Her vitals would have been abnormal, she would have fever, increased HR and BP, unsteadiness, incoherent, inability to urinate, nausea, movement problems, confusion and stomach pain to mention a few.

So clinically she presented herself with nothing, and all the objective information stated that as well. Her blood and urine samples were also normal and the only thing in her system was the benzodiazepine she was prescribed a week prior from the same ER. A week earlier, we went there for chest pain, they determined she was having a panic attack and prescribed her 5 days worth of ativan, the prescription lasted 7 days, so for them to say she was addicted or tried to overdose on those as well was incorrect. The prescription was for 3 pills a day for the duration of 5 days, and she took her last one the night we went to the ER.

We were told a counselor would be on his way to talk to us because there is nothing they can do in the ER. She is metabolically and hemodynamically stable and there is nothing for them to treat. So we waited for the counselor. Ernie showed up and asked me to leave the room so that he can talk to patient alone, I was hesitant at first, but also felt like I had to.

About 10 minutes later, I was able to go back into the room and Ernie told me our options. We could go “voluntarily” to one of the hospitals or “involuntarily”. He said that if we went on a voluntary basis, then patient would be seen by the doctor within 24 hours, given a prescription and be seen by the doctor in an outpatient setting. If we chose involuntary, he would have 2 MHMR workers come interview and assess patient and have her admitted against her will at one of the hospitals and then she would not be able to leave on her own will. We obviously went with the voluntary choice. And this is where the nightmare begins.

MAYHILL HOSPITAL IN DENTON TEXAS checked her in and the whole voluntary status is tested. Patient was interviewed by DR. WATTS(from here on, the Dr. will not be used due to it being undeserved)WATTS decided she was depressed, suicidal, and abused benadryl and ativan, since that was the only thing in her system. after the first night at MAYHILL HOSPITAL IN DENTON TEXAS, we elected the voluntary discharge so we could see a physician in the out patient setting and get some medication. Patient asked the nurse what needed to be done and he said just fill out this form, so patient did, and a few minutes later the patient was threatend by WATTS, that if she did not retract the 4 hour voluntary release he would tell the judge to change her status to “involuntary”.

This was horrible. so that night we met with a so-called patient advocate and told her how we felt we were deceived into coming here and how we just wanted to leave and seek treatment and meds from a doctor. she agreed that we should not have been told that we could leave, and the informed us that “coaching” would be done to prevent that, but the patient is depressed,withdrawn, not smiling, and suicidal. but never has been on suicide watch. and if a completely sane person was locked up with the people at MAYHILL HOSPITAL IN DENTON TEXAS then anyone would fit that depressed, withdrawn, not smiling catageory. my first visitation there were men and women walking around drooling, talking about government conspiracies, chips in your heads, talking to themselves and answering, yelling profanity for no reason, throwing food against walls, detoxing from meth, crack, heroin and alcohol.

And they talk about a “secure facility” me my son and the patient sat there an hour and five minutes pass visitation hours and noone noticed or said anything, until one of the nut-jobs told the tech that visitors were still on the floor… hows that for secure. and here is my patient never been in trouble, no drug or alcohol abuse ever, never on any psych meds, just sitting there wondering how is this possible, well i can tell you WATTS!!! This quack, using misdiagnosis as a way to get insurance to pay for his lavish home.

After meeting with the patient advocate again, she advised us to not request release, after the weekend WATTS will probably allow the patient to go home on monday. The so-called therapy groups consist of coloring books, playing board games or listening to everyone yelling. There is no “therapy” just ridiculous times of day to allow one person to try and watch over everyone.

On monday, WATTS said there would be no release until maybe sunday, the patient was upset and requested another 4 hour release and WATTS said no, we will go to court. Then he said the patient was going to be released on wednesday but since she requested a 4 hour release, it would have to go to the courts and let them decide. This draged on for two more days with no court date, we were then told that since it was the holidays , the courts were closed and not scheduling any dates until after the first of the year! OMG! she would have to stay there until then.

The patient advocate called me at home and told me this I asked about the legal time frame from the time the request was made and she said they have not heard anything from the courts yet, but WATTS may release her if she agrees to go to UBH for out patient services. We agreed and wondered why if it was ok to go now then why not before? We got no answers. We were told that if the patient did not go to UBH then WATTS would let the judge know and she would be ordered back to Mayhill? How could this be when the courts have not responed to our request and they would not be available until after the first of the year? We agreed to do what ever it took to get out of there and eventually released.

Once we tried to get the medical records that was another fiascal. They said the girl in charge of that is no longer there and we would have to wait until next Tuesday, and then we would not get all the records. Being so frustrated we said ok! Just give us what you can for nowa and we will get the completed file later, and by the way you have to pay with the exact amount of money. And we were told it would be $120.somthing. I hesitated about having the patient return up there to get them, but I had to work and we needed the records, it had already been 3 weeks since we requested them. And now that we have the records, there are numerous mistakes, different diagonosis, wrong admission dates, changes in reason for admission etc….There is more but this is a short version….please help us with any attorney information you may have..

I woke up to let my dog out during the night. While waiting for him to come back in, I checked e-mail. Yet another story in my inbox, this time about a patient getting locked in a bathroom and forgotten by the UBH staff. Since I don’t have all the details I’ll save that juicy little nugget for the day when I can provide all the details.  (Again, if you have a story, please write me at  Meanwhile…. I wonder….

…what, if anything, my little site has done for the over 20,225 hits–reads–I have had since I started it? How many people were spared the trauma of this place before they went in because I published the truth?

…does the Denton county Probate judge, who handles all their commitment hearings, ever look at my site?  I hope so.

…why doesn’t the Denton Record Chronicle investigate this armpit?  (It’s not like they haven’t been notified about my site and what’s happening.)

…how well do the UBH doctors sleep at night after they do a vampire-styled “hoover” on the insurance benefits of so many unsuspecting victims each day?  I’m guessing like babies, but maybe someone there has a guilty conscience?  I hope so.

…whatever happened to Drunk Randy?  Is he still sober?  And, if so, how does one stay sober after committing such acts of unspeakable incompetence and malfeasance as are required to work at UBH?

…what would have happened if I had just walked out of the e.r. that night and NOT gone to UBH?   I honestly cannot complain at this point.  Four years later, I have a great job and most of it is a bad memory (my thyroid is permanently whacked, there’s still about 10 pounds left and some fading emotional scars, but quite frankly I’ve grown used to them and I think they give me a certain character that I might not have otherwise developed.)

…will this hospital every change?  Are all of Ascend Healthcare’s other hospitals this bad?

Eh… the dog is back inside.  Time for bed.  G’nite.

A reader just posted a comment that she, too, was misdiagnosed at one time:

“Misdiagnosis is not an obsolete characteristic that only happens at UBH. It happens EVERYWHERE. I had a incorrect diagnosis of bipolar disorder at one point as well and was put on lithium…”

This reminds me of a study I read about right after I got out of UBH.  I started seeing an absolutely AWESOME and wonderful psychiatrist as soon as I got out of there.  There was still the possibility I was bipolar… hell, I didn’t know for sure what had happened to me.  He literally saved my life as soon as he took me off the lithium, and he mentioned to me that many of his colleagues were, in his estimation, overusing the bipolar diagnosis.

I was signed out of work for the entire semester and had lots of time on my hands, so I spent my days scouring the internet for information on bipolar diagnosis, stories of bad Chantix experiences, etc.  And I found this interesting study by Zimmerman, et al.  Basically they took hundreds of people who had been diagnosed as bipolar and put them through the proper testing for it and found that over half of them were NOT bipolar.  Why does this happen?

I’ll tell you why… insurance billing.  When you go into a hospital they can’t just have you there, they have to put a diagnosis code on you.  It has to be a number from the DSM guide.  (Read about that more here.)  And when I went there, I knew I was having what my parents had always called a “nervous breakdown.”  (As a reminder to those who don’t know me, I had never had an episode like that before, and, have not had one since–this one was brought about by a lack of sleep, which is known to cause psychosis).  So I even asked the doctor about that, and he said, “There is no such diagnosis as “nervous breakdown.””  That’s because it’s not in the DSM!

So, the bottom line is when a doctor or hospital wants to send your insurance company a bill, they can’t just say “She cracked up like an egg hitting pavement.”  They have to slap a DSM identifier on you and the easiest one is bipolar disorder.

Here’s the problem with that.  First and foremost, it jeopardizes your health to be put on bipolar meds if you’re not bipolar.  I am living proof of that.  It was a solid two years before I started feeling remotely like myself again, thanks to the combination of Chantix and lithium.  Lithium, administered to someone who is not bipolar, is absolutely horrendous.  I’ll blog about that some day and try to explain what it was like.

But also what happens to you is it absolutely destroys your future insurability.  You simply cannot get life insurance or health insurance if you’ve been diagnosed as bipolar.  And, forever after that, when asked “Have you ever been diagnosed as psychotic, schizo, bipolar, etc..?”  your truthful answer has to be “Yes.”  And, a classic symptom of bipolar disorder is denying that you have it…so if you then say, “But that diagnosis was wrong,” you’re going to have to have some other doctor write a letter for you that says, “No, not bipolar” and doctors are usually not too keen on out-and-out refuting another doctor’s diagnosis.

Further, in case you didn’t know it, all major pharmacies will share your drug usage when an insurer asks for it.  Why?  Because you authorize them to when you apply for coverage.  The underwriter at the insurance company will “run your ‘scrip report” and everything you’ve ever taken will show up on that report.  So, that lithium you took… no matter how long ago it was… will show up and according to my friends in the life insurance industry will get you a big fat denial of coverage almost immediately.

And, finally, let’s not forget what it does to your family to think you’re bipolar.  It causes a lot of worry, and a lot of headache and heartache.  Just ask my mother, who came to take care of me after I was released from UBH.  She will tell you what kind of a zombie I was on the drugs Dr. Khan put me on.  I can vouch for that myself…. I fell asleep at the wheel of my car at a red light one afternoon.  I’m just lucky I didn’t do it while the car was moving!

So, while it may be true that lots of people are misdiagnosed in the mental health system–and I’m sure that it is true–that does not excuse UBH and their protocol of slapping the bipolar diagnosis on practically everyone who enters.  And if there are other hospitals doing that?  Shame on them, too.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Today I am reminded of three years ago. On Mother’s Day, I was still reeling from my stay at UBH. And the incorrect diagnosis of “bipolar disorder.” Little did I know my health was going to get a lot worse before it got better.

Today I have completed my first week of Weight Watcher’s, to finally get the weight off that came on when my thyroid decided to go haywire from the lithium. Yes, that cause and effect relationship has been confirmed by an endocrinologist. She indicated that lithium “wreaks havoc on the thyroid.”

Which leads me to wonder why in the hell any competent doctor would decide after less than 24 hours of treating a patient to put them on such strong, serious medication. Lithium is not something to be taken lightly, it’s literally a “heavy metal” and it has horrific side effects in people who are NOT bipolar. But everyone in that god-forsaken hospital was on it. Everyone was bipolar, except for my roommate who had tried to commit suicide and was there only for depression. I don’t know how she escaped the bipolar diagnosis, other than the fact she was being treated by a competent physician who was NOT affiliated with UBH.

Three years ago on this mother’s day I was so thankful for my freedom, and for simply being alive. I survived Chantix, and I survived UBH. Today, I’m a lot stronger for having gone through all that. I’ll get this weight off, and I’ll be a lot healthier for having done so.

It is DISGUSTING how misleading UBH’s parent company, Ascend Health, chooses to be. I just checked the Mayhill Hospital page…. And they have the nerve to say they are “now locally owned.” What a crock. Ascend Health is “owned” by a conglomerate of big investors, and “run” by a doctor out of New York City named Richard Kresch. Any fool can see that with a cursory internet search. People continue to come out of the woodwork to contact me about their nightmares at UBH Denton… which “owns” Mayhill now. UBH is owned by Ascend. The end of the “locally owned” myth.

Well, perhaps “save” is too strong of a word. But read this comment posted a few days ago from a woman who almost went to work at UBH Denton:

“I am so disappointed right now. I am searching for a job in the mental health field in the metroplex and was thrilled to discover UBH’s website and the many job opportunities. The website makes it look like a perfect place with such special programs. Then I couldn’t help but be suspicious when looking more closely at the job listings. Why are there so many jobs in every aspect of the hospital? I feared the worst and a google search has confirmed my fears. My heart breaks reading the stories of you and the others posting here. Mental health and families are my passion and I mourn the traumatic experiences of people that are supposed to be cared for in places like UBH.”

You can see the original post here.

It never occurred to me when I started this blog that I might be saving someone from a career mistake.  I guess I always try to see the positive in everything, in spite of what happened to me at this place.  I recall two years ago a lot of things were going wrong with a closing on my house.  I arrived in my new town to find that the stupid mortgage broker didn’t get a mortgage for me.  With three U-Hauls loaded slap full, I discovered I had no place to live.  My poor mother doesn’t deal well with stuff like that, and she was kind of freaked out, but didn’t say anything at the time.  Later, after I was moved in and the house had closed and it was all mine, she confessed to me her anxiety over my situation:

“I just knew you shouldn’t have bought that house… you should have rented something first and then bought something later…”

I told her (from my new home, which was and still is FAB-U-LOUS!) and this was absolutely true:

“I never worried for a minute, and I didn’t let it bother me.  Mom, after you’ve been locked up in a mental hospital and threatened with a commitment hearing, and not really knowing if you’d ever get out, or when you’d get out?  You just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.  I always know, no matter how bad things are in my life at the moment, they could be worse–I could still be in UBH.”  

She laughed and said, “I never looked at it that way.”

So, I guess I should thank Dr. Khan and Drunk Randy for my new outlook on life?  Maybe that was part of their so-called “treatment plan” all along?  “Hey, let’s just make our patients so damned miserable they vow to never come back here again!”

Nah… they’re not that smart.


I was just sniffing around their website and I found this list of career opportunities they are hiring for:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I thought we were in a recession and that there were no jobs out there.  Yet this place ALWAYS has positions that need filling?   I went and checked out Mayhill hospital, and their job postings are here:

I don’t know… I’m just thinking it’s kind of strange that there are two hospitals in Denton, and one of them always has LOTS of job openings.    That means they are either growing larger and need more staff, or, they have a pretty high rate of staff turnover.  I’m betting on the latter.

Here is an e-mail I just got from someone who was in UBH. I am deleting enough information about him/her so that the hospital will not readily know who it is, at least until I have their permission to share more:

“…. It was hell to be there. I reported overdose symptoms to the doctor assigned to me and he was nonresponsive. My whole life turned upside down. One month after release I still do not have release to work…”

The reality is this person is a medical professional who would know the signs of overdose.   I’m sure there’s more to the story that I’ll be able to share soon enough.