Kevin’s Story (As Told by a Parent)

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Stories from Other People

This post is a copy of an e-mail I received from a parent of a young man who was admitted to UBH.  The only thing I have changed or edited is his name, which I was asked to change to protect his identity.    

My son was admitted on the 11th of May. After multiple discharge dates I finally had to sign him out AMA after threats of court action. He was supposed to go home for the 3td time on the 24th but they wanted a “family” meeting prior to dismissal. This was the second time this happened. The first meeting with my son and Regina did not go well. It had appeared that Regina was trying to drive a wedge between me and my son. I was dumbfounded at the meeting at how unprofessional she was bringing up her own “abusive” experiences of growing up in a home where there is a lot of yelling… There isn’t a lot of yelling in my home… I have two older children, one graduated with a social work degree and the other is at UNT in the same degree plan and they were both dumbfounded at her incompetence. After that first meeting they claimed he was now no longer able to leave… Two more days they said. I attempted to transfer him… Informed Mesa springs that I’d pay cash so if insurance didn’t approve, that wouldn’t prevent the transfer. They informed my son I was moving him which spun him out. He’d made friends there. Mesa devoted transfer stating he didn’t meet the criteria for inpatient. Then why was he still inpatient?

I requested AMA they threatened to take me to court. Said he’d be released Monday. Monday on my way up they called said no and another meeting was required and earliest that could happen was Wednesday but they planned to release on Wednesday.

Wednesday I took our therapist and my oldest to the meeting again with Regina. Our therapist had to step in in this meeting and ask what is the purpose of this meeting. You are not informing mom or Kevin of what after care us recommended, what mom should look for in the first 72 hours, what coping skills Kevin should use and discussing what Kevin should do if he becomes suicidal once home.

After that meeting our therapist had to leave but they said Kevin would be getting his stuff together to leave. 45 min later Mr Martin came out said Kevin wasnt going to be released.

I was distraught and furious. I left with my daughter and we went to eat while I tried to figure out what to do. I decided to go back sign AMA papers to get that going and go to court if need be because I saw a pattern with no end in sight. He again told me they’d probably take me to court and being Wednesday it’d probably be next week before that would happen. I didn’t care, I just wanted my son out. I was willing to drive straight to another facility to see if inpatient was still necessary and admit.

After signing AMA they called 25 min later and said the doctor determined he was okay to go.

When I got him while digging discharge papers I asked for his meds or a prescription. They refused.

There is more in leaving out but I want to shut this place down. It’s a scam and detrimental to children.

  1. David m Chaffin says:

    I am so sorry to hear about what was done to Kevin . My Precious Grandson Aaron Gower died within UBH locked doors. They threatened us to that if he would not sign himself in that in the am a sheriff would come and get him. Aaron was not suicidal nor homicidal.He threatened not one person or told them he was going to harm himself. My son had excellent insurance.Therefore Aaron was kept for several weeks had untreated hypertension not checked but one time a day No medications for hypertension were given until the last two days of his young life. The morning he told RN Martha McElhanon he had a bad headache she sent him to his room with 2 ibuprophen. he was having the stroke right then and there. When he did not show for lunch they found him unresponsive.Only then did they call 911.My precious boy had dried vomitus down his throat and on his face. DRIED as found by EMTS. Aaron was brain dead. They killed him by not sending him to hospital.Aaron died 5 days later when taken off of ventilator. they may not get what they deserve here on earth but our ultimate God and Father saw what happened. Judgement day for those responsible will happen.Please let me know your name if you have been harmed by them. I have contacts that are willing to help expose them. I am 68 years old and fighting for all of you that have been harmed. I will not give up. sandra gower chaffin

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