File a Complaint and Fight Back

There are basically five things you should do if you have a bad experience at UBH Denton, all of which will require a little work on your part.  But, I promise you’ll feel better if you’ll do them.  You can click on each item below to take you directly to the site you’ll need to visit to file a complaint, except for #5

1.  Contact an attorney.  The attorneys listed on my site did not ask me to recommend them, nor do I receive $1 of compensation from them for doing so.  I put their names here because I know they are 100% dedicated to seeing something done about the types of things that are reported on this site.

2.  File a complaint against the hospital with the state of Texas.   Your individual complaint may not get a lot of attention, but just think about how rough it will eventually get for them if complaints are filed regularly.  Eventually someone at this agency will have to say, “There’s a lot of smoke up there… let’s go check to see if there’s a fire.”

3.  File a complaint against the doctor who treats you with the Texas Medical Board.  This is the agency that licenses doctors to practice medicine.  Odds are they aren’t going to do anything the first time someone files a complaint.  But, someone has to be the first, and, if quacks like Dr. Khan are repeatedly reported?  Eventually the board will have to pay some attention to ’em.

4.  Report them to the Joint Commission, an accrediting agency that “certifies” medical facilities. ( See my post on this by clicking here in case you’re wondering what “The Joint Commission” is… I personally think it’s a big joke, but, they do brag about being accredited.  So, it’s important to make sure the Joint Commission knows what kind of hospital they are running.)

5.  Report them to your health insurer.  Look on the back of your health insurance card, and, you’ll find a toll-free number to contact your insurer.  Contact them and just explain that you’ve had a bad experience, and, that you feel they should know about it.  You’ve got to remember, they are managing all the money that you or your employer have paid them in premiums, and, they need to make good decisions with it.  Choosing this particular hospital is anything but a good decision!

  1. Jane Hall says:

    My mother was treated at Mayhill for 3 weeks and was dismissed today 03.27.12…FINALLY!!! She is 85 years old and was sent to this hospital for detoxing of pain medication………She was not detoxed until 19 days later….Medicare FRAUD if you ask me. Totally inconsiderate of her well being and being on a geriatric ward they had no Physical Therapist on staff. She has shoulder damage and needs therapy and did not receive that in the 3 weeks she was there. And they would not let me go to her room. I tried to get her out last week and they said they would try a different medicine and then we found out they had not tried anything at that point!!

  2. superpyschRN says:

    On Saturday morning a patient passed away at the facility I don’t know all the details but I do know that the Pt only had 3 sets of vital signs taken since his admission on 3/21/2013 I know that the nursing house supervisor did not know how to run a code and that the staff was not able to locate the crash cart during the emergency. The Pt was left by a NURSE with a psych tech as she went to find a NP when the NP arrived the NP asked the staff “how do you know when to shock the Pt”. The AED was NEVER even turned on during the event and no vital signs were taken. It was also noted that the Pt had high ammonia levels for which medication was held without an order. This is a negligent event without a doubt. The Pt was actually too medically fragile for this facility and NEVER should have been accepted!!!!!!!

    The Nurse to Patient ratio is laughable at the time of this particular event there were 28 patients on the unit one RN one LVN and 2 psych techs. None of the nursing house supervisors have ACLS, there is NO security recently a male patient held the staff up in the nurses station and 911 was called and the police came on the unit with weapons!!! This place is unbelievable and I am in total disbelief that they passed a recent JOINT COMMISSION survey are you kidding me?!?!?!?!? When the DON requested education for nurses she was denied when she mentioned the need for more staff she was told to stop making mention of the ratios.

    Recently not one but three nurses were written up for administering insulin to the wrong Pt which means that basic nursing skills were NOT used the five rights of medication administration and the second nurse check for insulin was not used. From my understanding a nurse handed another nurse a syringe filled with insulin and said give this to “that patient” the second nurse then administered the medication to wrong patient!!!!

    On the geriatric unit there is a charge nurse who sits at the nurses station and smokes an electronic cigarette and was recently randomly drug tested for her bizarre behavior this nurse was once found “passed out” in her car in the parking lot of the hospital after her shift ended 911 was called and she was taken to the hospital at that time no drug screen was done.

    The psych techs are not qualified to care for the type of patients at this hospital they are NOT CNA’s they are not properly trained to do lifts or even bedside care most of them have NO previous experience.

    Mayhill needs to be revisited by Joint Commission and CMS ASPA before another LIFE is LOST by the hands of this NEGLECTFUL INCOMPETENT facility!!!

  3. SuperpsychTECH says:

    SuperpsychRN your whole comment is against HIPPA

    • Fuck hippa says:

      I’m so mad right now I can’t see strait I hope you can face god with peace knowing the hell people are going threw in there! And if you went to collage and got a degree in nursing, and been trained right!! You would know that ANY kind of abuse or neglect in any hospital or any kind of setting is to be reported BY LAW!! You can be charged for not reporting!!!! That RN unlike you has a soul! It’s people like you who have made UBH an Mayhill into the hell they are God Bless your soul!!!!!!! I hope we your ready to face god!! Don’t think the hippa thing will get you in but hell if you can sleep at night what’s it matter that people are dieing and being raped under your watch!

    • SANDEE says:

      whatever hole this so called tech crawled out of, you need to crawl back in your hell and straight to hell.I am college educated, are you? I think not . You actually believe in innocent people dying at the hands of this facility and then lets me know you codone. To hell with HIPPA. Those innocent people who died there have no voice but I will be a voice for one of them and I will never, ever stop until I am gone.GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE INFLICTED PAIN AND DEATH ON THE INNOCENT WHO WERE ONLY SEEKING HELP.I CANNOT BELIEVE THESE THINGS ARE GOING ON IN DENTON COUNTY AND NO ONE IS STOPPING IT. IT IS MURDER.

      • Heather D says:

        I was injected with something while i was sleeping and woke up hours away in another hospital with a stroke, they almost killed me and something needs to be done

  4. Robin Jackson. says:

    GERIATRIC UNIT!!!!! What????? We were all lumped together, schizophrenics, bipolar, geriatrics, multi-personality and substance abuse that included detox. WHAT!!!

  5. carolyn pritchett says:

    i never knew a place like that existed…until my grandson went for supposedly 48 hours…but they kept ‘filing’ something to keep him. Summit Ridge Hospital in Georgia…yes, they’ve had it all – suicides, attempted “escapes,” police visits re: patient sexually assaulting other patients….substandard care….horrible. thanks for helping me spread the word.

  6. I was in UBH September 2008 and June 2013, I think they kill people there and fake suicides by paying patients and staff to look the other way. Especially in the CSU unit, under Tim’s watch. They use patients and staff to restrain other patients during the murders which take place during the night shift. I feared for my life in June, and was never allowed to see my records upon request, and when I signed my AMA to try and leave they did not follow proper protocol. I have proof of negligence and paperwork tampering. Look into previous deaths, employees, doctors, and runaways at UBH for the past five years and cross reference with recurring patient lists.

  7. David m Chaffin says:

    again I am going to have to go through this horrific time when my precious 22 year old grandson needed help and received a death sentence while in the locked doors of UBH on University drive, denton texas Feb 2 2013. He is gone and will 4 ever be gone here on this earth. I hope and pray God brings down his almighty hand and strikes down this FOR PROFIT ONLY FACILITY. THey Have never admitted wrongdoing although they killed him, sent him to his room to DIE after he told them he had a headache and was ill. Found him hours later.UNRESPONSIVE AARON GOWER YES UBH THAT IS HIS NAME NEVER CAME BACK TO US HE IS IN A GRAVE THAT WE HAVE VISITED EVERY WEEK GOING ON FOUR YEARS IN FEB UBH MAY YOU and the ones responsible for not sending him to the hospital as promised to us 4 ever rot in hell.

  8. Robert mckinnis says:

    I was held here against my will after they found out I had great insurance. I had to dial 911 and get officers to let me out of this dungeon hell hole

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