We’re Here to Help!

An investigative reporter for a national news network would like to speak to anyone who works or previously worked for UBH Denton, Mayhill Hospital, or Universal Health Services.  Of course, anyone with experience as a patient would also be of interest to him.

You are NOT required to go through with an interview.  The reporter will informally discuss with you what happened, what you know, etc.  If he determines that you could contribute to the story in a meaningful way the two of you will work out the interview details.  This reporter is willing to mask your identity, if necessary, for your protection.

If you are interested in talking with him, send your name and contact information to us at info@ubhdentonsucks.com    We will forward your information on to him.

Meanwhile, check out these resources, and, please give some props to our friend Byron Harris at WFAA for pursuing this story:

  1. Kathy Jeffcoat says:

    My grandson is in there now I think he should not be there. He was just doing what they told him to do in their so called IOP and they more or less forced me into putting him back into hospital for a couple of days to readjust his meds. That was Monday and this is Thursday still there and we have voiced our thoughts to everyone there we see or can get to talk to us. I was told that if I take him out without Dr. approval that insurance would not pay. After reading this I don’t care he is getting out today.

  2. Peggy Weathers says:

    Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville Tennessee needs to be added to the worst, and more local hospiitals in Tennessee. The medical board that covers for these also those in power governors and political people cover for their doctors that refuse after getting money from ins. especially the elderly that will not tell patients about their surgeries that they were butchered by docs and nurses so greedy, so many attorneys will not expose these in medical and those used for medical research by states.
    almost a year no 6 weeks examination after surgery, and self examInation shows I was lied to by docs and nurses. SOME SHOULD HAVE NAME SLAUGHTER HOUSE FOR THE POOR, AND WE ARE GOD TO SAY WHO DIES AND WHO DOES NOT.

    We had men that fought and gave their life in war fighting evil , that did these things using humans as animals for medicaL RESEARCH AND MURDERED MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE, THE SAME GOING ON IN AMERICA TODAY THE MEDIA, AND THOSE SO EVIL WILL NOT TELL.


  3. OvercomeingHell says:

    To all the Mayhill UBH victims and their family,

    Dawn Smith, Brenda, Micah, Julia and all the wonderful people who have helped me make it through the hardest year of my life….This is for you

    I will never forget the day I checked in to Mayhill or the horrible event that followed my 31st birthday. This year has been so hard. It’s brought so many hard minutes, hours, and days. I never thought I would get through. I still don’t know how I made it through Feb, But to James Brookes I forgive you I know you were sick, we all were to have been in a place like that. I will never forget what you did to me but I forgive you. I have to; I have to go on the more I let this get me down. The more Mayhill wins. I can’t NO I won’t let them take any more from my life…..You broke me once you took my world away from me, and I have fought to find the strength to go on. And I have I’m in a good place with amazing people around me. I won’t let you break me again ever…As I write this I’m fighting cancer, I’m engaged to a man who has to be a saint sent from god.. I want my life back I will Have my life back, the life you tried to take from me…I will go on I will overcome this I will not let you take any more of me away…I’m better then you I’m stronger then you I will learn from what happen and go on to help other woman who have been hurt like I was I will overcome you Mayhill. I will Marry the man I love next Year.. I will laugh again, I will joke again, I will LIVE AGAIN……..See you didn’t win Mayhill You lost. This might have broken me for a bit but I’m stronger now, the struggles have made me stronger. And the changes made me wise. I have grown into a person I am proud of I won’t lose myself again. So to you Mayhill I say thank you for this ride this roller-coaster I have been on. But its time for me to get off. I have a life in front of me a wonderful life with amazing people and A man I can’t wait to marry and grow old with. I will not shed one more tear over you. I will live my life to its fullest; I will live each day as it could be my last. I will love, I will Live and I will laugh…………And to the other victims and family’s don’t let them win fight for your loved ones..Live~Laugh~love

    I Will Overcome

    It feels like the walls are closing in on me
    I’m suffocating, I can barely breath
    And you’ve got me right where you want me
    This is the side of me you have never seen
    I’m not the person that I used to be
    And you’ve got me right where you want me
    You always know, how to bring me down
    Let’s just face it now, I’m never changing
    You took my world, my everything
    you’re going to be the death of me
    So let me go, just let me be
    I hate the way you’re killing me
    (killing me)
    You’re like an angel but with broken wings
    A heart so cold can never show mercy
    And you’ve got me right where you want me
    You took my world, my everything
    you’re going to be the death of me
    So let me go, just let me be
    I hate the way you’re killing me
    (killing me)
    I know I’m a bitch, I’m not a coward
    Why can’t you see what you did to me?
    I’m falling faster, more every hour
    Why can’t you see what you’re doing’ to me?
    Open your eyes, open your eyes
    This is killing me
    You wrecked my world, my everything
    you’re trying to be the death of me
    So let me go, just let me be, I Hate the way you’re trying killing me!!!

    I Wrote this last March…….. To all the UBH Mayhill victims it’s for you…

  4. HStabl says:

    My son is there now and I have told them since last week that I want him out. We voluntarily admitted him and there is no court order for him to be there or against us as parents. They would not let us pick up our own minor son and take him to church? They said they were afraid he was a safety threat to himself. I can assure you there is no one in that building that has more concern for my sons safety than we, his parents have. And I feel much safer watching over him myself. I contacted local police to see what my rights as a parent are because I was threatened also with the 20 hour hold and court. But I really don’t care if we end up there, because my son has no prior problems or records , he is only 16 and we( parents) have nothing more than a speeding ticket . They have treated us like criminals when we were just trying to get help for our son. I spoke to the DR. today after I was told that she didn’t feel comfortable releasing him . They then called back and said we could pick him up tomorrow at 1:00. Then called back and said there had been different answers from the higher ups, and we needed to come to a family meeting first at 1:30. I told them I would be there at 1:30 for the meeting but they needed to have my sons bags packed because I would be leaving with him tomorrow. I talked to local police to make sure if they were contacted I was not going to be breaking any laws leaving with my child and they said NO, that UBH tight call them out there but since there was no court involvement and I’m his mother I could leave with him. So I’m praying all goes smoothly tomorrow and it doesn’t get to that point but my patience has been worn very thin with these people.

    • joann says:

      My Grandson is currently in UBH..he went on his own after a visit to the ER with stomach problems and some anxiety problems. He went in on Thursday morning, on Saturday morning he told them he was ready to leave that he didn’t feel like they were actually helping him, he requested to see a medical doctor regarding the issues with his stomach, they of course said their medical doctor checked him out an his stomach problems are being caused by his anxiety and depression. He is ready to leave but they are refusing to release him. since is 19 and of legal age who do I speak to on his behalf..help..I don’t know where to start but I know that he wold be better off at home with family then in UBH.

      • Holly says:

        Joann, call me if you want at 903-920-4889. We signed AMA papers yesterday to remove our son and they told us they would take us to court. we go tomorrow . I gave them directions to stop a med and they have continued to give him the medication after 3 phone calls Sat about it. I found out yesterday they were still giving him all the meds. My son is a minor so I had to sign the AMA and hopefully I will get to bring him home after court tomorrow. Your grandson is a adult and he will have to sign a AMA himself. I have some great contacts that I can put you in touch with regarding helping you with how the system works, if you want to give me a call. I personally would tell him to sign a AMA ASAP and warn him that they may try to bully him and make threats but to hold his ground.

    • Pamela K Corey says:

      I volunteer myself.in.no court either. I and three other womem are goimg to.find attornies. They still have my shower bag felt like i waz in prison..the dr said as.long i take all my meds. I took bipolar meds and i am.not.bipolar and thats is how i got out

  5. sandra chaffin says:

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUhanks to all the brave people who are speaking out against UBH and their sister hospitals. I want to write u something I read this am. I love silence except when it is used to stand by and let injustice and evil take place. I love silence except when it shuts down voices that need to be heard. I love silence except when it becomes an escape route that lets others suffer. But when we refuse to speak out for the injustices that have been done to us,refuse to speak out to save our on skins we all become complicit players in the dark; slimy; ensnaring tenacles of darkness and destruction.We become those who choose lies over light and creation and truth and in some cases justice.

  6. Mom says:

    Our daughter was admitted there last year for ‘3 – 5 days’. Once they found out our insurance paid for 10 days, she stayed 10 days. They did the ‘we will take you to court if you try and leave routine’ with her too. The doctor – if you could call her that – kept telling my daughter she would get out in a day or so. The doctor would come in – ask 5 questions (same ones each day) and tell my daughter what she had to have in place for her to leave, knowing the phone time was hard to come by. I got everything in place on Friday morning and called my daughter to let her know, before the doctor arrived. When my daughter told the doctor everything was in place, the doctor left after telling my daughter she would write her discharge orders for Friday afternoon. Her 10th day started on Sunday. She called us at 8:15am stating she was being discharged. I read the orders – they had been written for Sunday, but were written on Friday. They were doing nothing but keeping her as long as we had insurance. Disgraceful.

  7. SANDRA says:


  8. I was in UBH September 2008 and June 2013, I think they kill people there and fake suicides by paying patients and staff to look the other way. Especially in the CSU unit, under Tim’s watch. They use patients and staff to restrain other patients during the murders which take place during the night shift. I feared for my life in June, and was never allowed to see my records upon request, and when I signed my AMA to try and leave they did not follow proper protocol. I have proof of negligence and paperwork tampering. Look into previous deaths, employees, doctors, and runaways at UBH for the past five years and cross reference with recurring patient lists.


  9. Jaye says:

    I checked myself in after telling my doctor of suicidal feelings. She gave me their number and, one night during the strongest panic attack I had ever had at that point, called. They told me to come in. I was not informed verbally or in clear text of how long I would be expected to stay and I do not remember my first two days. They had given me pills, sent me in to a doctor, and when I remarked later that I had no memory of the original meeting due to whatever they gave me, the doctor – one who would continue to lie to me throughout my stay – informed me that that was neither her problem nor her concern.

    I spoke with her several times. After three days, I wanted out. They informed me that if I tried, I would be taken to court and the judge would mandate a longer stay (I was informed it would be between 15-30 days if I fought). I remained civil, though I did begin to tear up, and was informed that I was out of control. I was then forcibly injected with a sedative.

    On day four, I was informed that I could leave the very next morning. I asked my doctor (a person who, by now, I feared and was trying to be as submissive as possible) if I could be cleared out after my group therapy session at an early hour that day. I had seen others get checked out at all different manners of the day. I had already fulfilled the things expected of me (according to the nurses). She said she would speak to someone about it. And then proceeded to leave immediately.

    The ‘therapy’ sessions were hardly helpful. Group therapy with such a short time frame and ten women means no one gets to speak if one of them has her life story to tell. I was allowed to speak thrice the entire five day span, and most of that was in one sentence answers. My visits with my doctor, supposedly a resource, left me practically cowering. Five to ten minutes was the most time spent.

    At the end, I was diagnosed with major depression and suicidal ideation. What I was not diagnosed with is the now crippling fear I have of asking for help from doctors. I was not diagnosed with the massive debt, hundreds of extra dollars for days I did not ask for.

    I have been in places more frightening mentally since my stay at UBH in 2012, exacerbated by my newfound fear of doctors, therapists, anyone who could send me back or suggest I go back. It has hindered me emotionally and, considering the physical aspects of depression, physically. I now feel jaded and hopeless, more prone to suicidal thoughts than before. What was once a pity party – complete with tears and letter writing – has turned into a stoic planning process.

    I only hope that, by posting this, someone googles this hell mouth before subjecting themselves to their ‘treatment.’

    • Jaye says:

      Also, apologies for any misspellings or unintentional autocorrects (how times turned into manners is beyond me), but I am replying via phone.

  10. kbam2728 says:

    To each and everyone of you my heart goes out to you. Not only did my father put me in a psych hospital 17 years ago, and got away with it because he was the president of the hospital, I ended up getting fired from working at UBH back in 2010. I opened my mouth too much, would try to fight for people who did not need to be put in the hospital, and argued about people being put in only because their insurance was good. If you did not have insurance, they let you go or called MHMR. Another crooked business. I spent 10 years in the mental health industry, had a masters in counseling only to realize after working at cps the last time I could not work in any of those fields anymore. All of the mental health/social workers only focus on money. I had to get out. They are not there to actually help, the doctors just push toxic meds, the ceos just want a profit, the workers just need a paycheck. It is beyond sick and evil. I feel I have been lied to for almost 20 years about the mental health industry helping people. I am so sorry you have been through hell and back. Just do what you can, talk, read, research, and never stop fighting back. You are not victims, you are survivors!!!

  11. Zane tomlinson says:

    As a former patient and competent veteran I would advise anyone who ha family or friends in this facility to get them out as soon as possible. I felt threatened for my life continuously throughout to the point I escaped by breaking out. Call it paranoia if you want but the simulator test (buzz saw’s etc) was moden day torture and this organization needs to be shut down with no avail.

  12. Jason says:

    STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY, They will KEEP your child and it’s “legal”!!

    We went here and after 5 hours of trying to convince us this was the “best” thing for our son and that it would most likely be 48-72 hours of adjusting medications and observation and he would be with kids his own age I agreed and signed paperwork. All they tell you is it says you can’t sign your child out immediately, that it needs dr approval. They make it sound like it’s something that will take 15 minutes, but it is not. They would not let us see where he was staying, some crap about patients only area and you can only visit him during “visitors hours” which is like an hour a day around 6pm.

    My son was there one day, we had convinced him it would be fun, kind of like camp. We finally get our “visit” with him and he is so excited to see us. He smells horrid of urine. We ask why and he says the bathroom is locked and he has to wait for a nurse to open it each time and sometimes they take 15 minutes, so he was wetting himself over and over. A 17 year old in the guest room comes over to us and talks about how much they love our son and have taken care of him. We are happy about this, but was shocked to find out he is in an area with 5-17 year olds, this one was in for suicide attempts….

    Needless to say we are very distraught and scared, but they convinced us they would make sure he could use the bathroom and to give him one more night and see them in the morning for a review. He cried when he realized he wasn’t going home, it was awful. They let him watch Temple of Doom that night (at 5!).

    We returned the next day for our “review” to speak with his onsite counselor. While in the waiting room other patients parents (3-4 Different children’s parents) explain they have been trying to get their kids out for weeks, one was 11th week and they could not get them out. Once a dr signs a paper (and gets a judge’s signature) that states he thinks your child may harm himself or another they can keep them legally for a 30 day evaluation.

    We were prepared, we had done research, we had a paper from his pediatrician stating she wants our son removed immediately, but we don’t show it yet. We meet with counselor and she says our son is doing wonderful and improving and she thinks he only needs 2-3 more days. We are with our son during this and spending time with him (in a room off of the patient only area). When we state we want to take him home now and show the letter she immediately changes, says we must go up front and speak with the supervisor. They make me sign a piece of paper requesting his release.

    We are escorted away from our son and put in some hidden waiting room for 10 minutes. A lady comes to us, very mean from the start. Basically telling us our son threatened to hurt another child and they must keep him and when we show her the letter from our dr and our request she tells us we must leave their grounds NOW or she will call the police!.

    We tell her to call them. We are escorted to the front lobby and keep being told we have to leave the premises. The policeman gets there and he explains by law we can do nothing and that we have to leave, but we tell him what happened and that our son is only 5. Luckily this officer had a 5 year old as well and had compassion on us. He begs for them to have the dr talk to us on the phone. They finally consent. After 15 minutes of begging this dr to let me have my son and him trying to convince me they need 24 more hours (to get a judge signature so he cant leave is the real reason). He finally says we can bring our son home. It had taken us 3 hours total to convince them to let us have him with the officers help. If our son had been older, we would have had no recourse. Our son is again soaked in urine and was so scared. Even today, he is now 10, if you bring up this place he is scared.

    This was the scariest thing we have ever dealt with. Many times we felt so helpless, how can places like this exist?! This place should be shut down.. period.. We found out later they were getting $2,000/day from our insurance company and this is why they do this.

    • aimee stow says:

      Jason, was that lady who was mean to you by any chance a very large lady named Melissa Eckinstein? I am so sorry your child went through that. It is horrible that it is still open.

      • Jason says:

        I honestly don’t remember. This was 5 years ago, but I recently saw something about UBH and felt I should give my info. At that time when we did searching we really didn’t find anything.

      • aimee stow says:

        Thanks for your input. I was just wondering. I worked there 5 years ago and she was my boss. I was a mobile assessor and did not work behind the doors, but in time I noticed how bad things were getting. She was horrific and I got yelled at more than once when I tried to not put children in that hospital. Her rules were “If they have insurance get them in.” It was all about money and they would keep patients in till their insurance ran out. It is a horrid place for ANYONE to go through. Again so sorry your family went through this nightmare.

  13. Robert McKinnis says:

    I went here for PTSD diagnosis they found out I had top notch insurance and misquoted my every word. They locked me in a room for 6 hours and told me I had to stay for 3 days. I had to call 911 to get a deputy to dispatched before I was released.

  14. Ryan Boisture says:

    My wife is trapped in there, please help me. What can I do?

    • Robert mckinnis says:

      Have her call 911 and tell them she is being held hostage. Tell 911 she is not a threat to herself or anyone else.

  15. Josie Meech says:

    My mother is in Mayhill now… she attempted to drink bleach but I think it was more to get attention. I called 911 she was admited to Lewisville Medical Center and then to evaluate her moved to Mayhill. At Lewisville I visited her and called for updates constantly. Mayhill said she removed me from her records and they refuse to tell me anything about her. Even if she’s still there. My mother in law speaks no english and has no means to live anywhere the staff person I talked to said they would just let her walk out of the facility without ever contacting us… my mother in law is 77 and she can’t take care of herself… I feel like nobody is telling us anything and I don’t know what to do…

  16. Dallas Bourg says:

    Okay, I have been to UBH Denton twice and half the stuff here is bullshit? I never experienced any of this while there… I got help, they saved my life.

    • ubhdenton says:

      I assure you that what is written here is not “bullshit,” but rather truthful experiences of actual patients.

      I’m glad you had a good experience.

      • Shalece D says:

        My girlfriend is 18, and she was placed in mayhill hospital for absolutely nothing. She simply had an anxiety attack and was told she was going to be placed in critical stablitation for a MINIMUM of 24 hours. It has now been almost 4 days.. Luckily she has been able to call me whenever she wants but she says They keep giving her different types of medicines and anti depressants that make her feel sick and when I spoke to her after she had taken a drug she’s never taken before she sounded very different and out of it.. My first thought was obviously the longer she’s there they get money for it, but it’s not right and after reading that someone was brain dead after being in CRITICAL CARE I’ve been very worried. I’m also worried about all these different chemicals they’re putting in her body, and telling her if she doesn’t take the medicine she won’t be “progressing” as the dr says. Can someone please help me with this?

  17. shalece d says:

    My girlfriend is 18, and she was placed in mayhill hospital for absolutely nothing. She simply had an anxiety attack and was told she was going to be placed in critical stablitation for a MINIMUM of 24 hours. It has now been almost 4 days.. Luckily she has been able to call me whenever she wants but she says They keep giving her different types of medicines and anti depressants that make her feel sick and when I spoke to her after she had taken a drug she’s never taken before she sounded very different and out of it.. My first thought was obviously the longer she’s there they get money for it, but it’s not right and after reading that someone was brain dead after being in CRITICAL CARE I’ve been very worried. I’m also worried about all these different chemicals they’re putting in her body, and telling her if she doesn’t take the medicine she won’t be “progressing” as the dr says. Can someone please help me with this?

    • Robert McKinnis says:

      Have her call 911 and tell them she is Bn held against her will. Tell her to be sure and tell them she is not a threat to herself or others.

  18. Ria Garland says:

    This is the tragic true story of what Mayhill Hospital did to my 95 year old mother in June, 2012.

    I was my mother’s caregiver but due to my own health problem I had to admit her into a nursing home in Ft Worth, Tx. She had sleeping issues and I was told I had to put her in another nursing home. The reason they said was they couldn’t deal with someone that was up during the night. Only one other nursing home said they would take her IF I PUT HER IN MAYHILL HOSPITAL first so the proper sleeping medication could be found for her. So, like a good daughter to help my mother, I admitted her. You are not allowed to come visit your loved one except at a specific time, nothing is allowed to be taken into hospital except your ID and car keys. They treat you and the patient like its a prison. The so called Dr. ordered several different psychotic drugs and had her so overdosed all she could do was scream. She couldn’t talk or get up or walk like she could before being admitted. We found food dried and impacted in her mouth. Her eyes were “glued” shut with drainage. We had to get a spoon and get the food out of her mouth and s wash cloth with warm water to “unglue” her eyes. We decided we had to get her out of there and to a real hospital for help. The nurse at desk said we couldn’t take her without Drs approval. I said call him and get a transport ambulance. She said they didn’t transport people and I would have to call 911!! So I called 911. When paramedics came they said they had to come get people there a lot and they didn’t call it a hospital. They called it the Mayhill building. Said it should be shut down. Hospital ER took her and got all drugs out of her in a couple days. However, my mother never came to her former self because the psychotic drugs damaged her brain permanently. She died a week later. I cannot tell you the horror that Mayhill Hospital put my mother through. It’s very hard to believe a place like that is permitted to operate and keep on committing the horrors and even kill people. I called a couple of attorneys but they weren’t interested in the case. Said they wouldn’t be able to prove anything I said.

    • Robert Mckinnis says:

      These people are a bunch of frauds. They detained me for 6 hours in this place I had to dial 911 and get officer to make them release me. Thank god I had my phone or I would have been drugged up and detained for who knows how long. They knew I had top notch insurance and that was their motivation to keep me there.

  19. Monica Zamora says:

    I had a terrible experience at mayhill hospital. I admitted myself for suicidal thoughts. They brought me to my room and left me there crying for 4+ hours without telling me what was going on. There were people that were vulgar and unstable around people who just got admitted. I had people yelling at me and threatening me. It also took two days to get a change of pants since I was on my period and supplies for a shower. I requested to be discharged because it was the worst hospital I had ever been to. I went to a treatment center in Georgia that was fantastic and it was cheaper. They made me stay longer by taking too long to process my paper work costing me $600 extra and they didn’t warn me my medications would be discontinued if I voluntarily discharged. Part of my plan for home was to continue the medication because it really worked for me. It took two days of calling after I was discharged to find out I would not get my medications. So they ripped me off and basically did nothing for me. That place needs to be shut down. The staff was also extremely disrespectful.

  20. Lynn roberts says:

    Absolutely worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The addition of the UBH facility in Denton, Texas is warranted. This particular facility has been milking the government out of millions of dollars for almost a decade. The exclusive treatment contract has caused thousands of Soldier, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines to be subjected to a gorilla attract model of treatment for PTSD and other related Psychological disorders. Their methods are crude and fraught full of checks and balances that inhibit true catharsis. Individuals are prodded into sharing personal traumatic events, that subjected to ridicule and judgement by their peers. The measure of success is dependent on the approval of the group, after revising the story, to keep inline with responses from the group which were recorded during a previous session. Failure is achieved if the group isn’t convinced that the individual sharing the experience, is not being emotional enough or has learned from their stay. This failure can result in punitive actions by the individual parent unit back at the military base they come from. Keep away from this institution, they are profit based, and not a true center of healing. Inexperienced therapist, empowered by a false sense of superiority; achieved by academics alone. The real world experience of the facilitator’s is limited to personal traumatic experiences, of which my particular therapist was quick to disclose in order to build a connection. The worst experience in my life, and I have been to Iraq many times. I rely hope that any members of the Armed Forces carefully consider the options before putting a member of their unit in this “treatment facility”

    I’m not bitching, just enlightening those who wish to know. This statement is based of personal experience’s and are accurate and inclusive. God help you if you are in need of help, may you find a program that helps you begin the cathartic process.

  22. Deborah Hay says:

    Our situation almost turned into some sort of psychological thriller. I’ve never seen so much incompetence from the staff. If you go the their reviews on jobs there in the Glasssoor site you will see so much evidence of what I personally experienced with my 15 year old daughter. She is terrified of ever going back there again. Her personal psychologist had to threaten the CEO with a lawsuit for us to get out daughter back. They fabricated things on her record. Just two night ago four children escaped UBH because they were so afraid. My daughter was one that was going to escape also but didn’t. Please, please have this place closed down. Children who neeed help deserve better.

    • ubhdenton says:

      I’m so sorry your daughter went through this. Speaking as someone who was in there and afraid, and, held against my will when I asked to leave, I can tell you she’s probably going to need some serious therapy just to get over being in that place! If she needs someone to talk to have her e-mail me at info@ubhdentonsucks.com

  23. Barbara Brown says:

    I completely agree UBH/Mayhill Hospitals in Denton County suck! They do not listen to their patients requests & try to over drug people without their consent. Dr. Sayed believes he’s a God in Phychiatric field. He kept me illegally at Mayhill hospital for approximately a month and finally I got released 2 days before tax day. They over medicate patients and want them walking around doped up like zombies. To keep them in there as long as possible to make more money. I checked myself in for mental exhaustion and grief recovery about 7 mos after my former fiancee’ Robert Beckett, Jr. Suddenly passed away at Presbyterian Hospital in Denton. We both worked for City of Denton Transportation Company AA Taxi/Shuttle HQ’s and both lived on the property HQ’s for about 5-6 years. I am also a retired former Law Enforcement Deputy City Marshal from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. NFI

  24. Jason says:

    My daughter was a voluntary admit to this hospital after taking 10 to 15 ibuprofen. Her roommate panicked and told the responding medics that she thought my daughter was trying to commit suicide. At no time did my daughter say she was trying to commit suicide but she volunteered to be admitted after being told that if she did not, she would be forced. Her fist “evaluation” by her doctor was about 1 or 2 minutes long and consisted of only four questions. The same day she asked to leave. The next day she met with the doctor for about 10 seconds. The doctor simply asked “how are you feeling?”, and my daughter said she was fine. On the third morning she met with the doctor again for only 10 seconds. Each day my daughter asked to go home because she was fine. My wife and I went to the facility to check on these issues. We asked for a supervisor and met with the Director of Nursing. He came back and told us that she was refusing treatment, refusing medication and refused to see the doctor. Then we met with the Patient Advocate, Viviana. We were in the meeting with Viviana when it all went down hill. I was frustrated with the process, the staff and their lies about our daughter refusing treatment, etc. I got up to leave the meeting. I looked at my wife and said “we’re leaving”, and Viviana grabbed my wrist. I don’t know what she was thinking. I tried to pull away and was eventually pushed to the floor. As I continued to leave Viviana continued grabbing me. I had to force my way out of the room and down the hall. The door opened and there were several more staff in the lobby where I was grabbed again by unknown staff. I was pushed against the door and it opened. My wife ran to our car and I broke free and ran also. I was shocked and appalled that the PATIENT ADVOCATE would grab me and become this violent in front of a patient. After this we both filed assault reports with the Denton Police Department. We have yet to see if anything comes of this incident.

    • Robert mckinnis says:

      They tricked me into a room after finding out I had good insurance, I had to call 911 to get a deputy to get me out of there(scam artists)

  25. Pamela K Corey says:

    Trust me i know. It sucked.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Let me tell you something about me Mayhill that hospital was horrible the buildings filthy trash overflowing in the garbage it was just horrible

  27. Jackie Garrison says:

    It is 2017 and sadly the crimes are still happening at those facilities. I was wrongly admitted august 9,2017 from medical city ER. I was told I could go without a fight or they would get a court order. I took 2 ambien and fell on my bathroom floor. My friend found me and jumped to the conclusion that I attempted suicide. I broke my left hip in the fall. The ER x-rayed my right hip and sent me to Mayhill hospital because I was “suicidal”. They placed me in a Geri chair and left me there for over 36 hours. No food, no water, no meds were offered. If I asked to use the bathroom I was yelled at because I couldn’t walk. They didn’t believe me. I was pushed and shoved off and on the toilet. I have never experienced so much pain. One staff member told another to ignore me because I was detoxing. I was never given a blanket or pillow. I urinated on myself and told them I was wet and I was told it was just sweat and I would dry. Every time a family member called they were told I was in the shower. I never saw the shower. Finally someone cared enough to listen to me and sent me for an X-ray. The sent me back to the ER where I could hear the staff saying “she’s back”. I was treated with disgust and disrespect. When they realized they X-rayed the wrong hip and I did have a fracture their whole demeanor changed toward me. I am sickened and angry. And by the way Khans relative is at Mayhill. I threw him out of my room and told him he would never touch me. You see he helped kill my husband. We settled out of court. Is it too late to do something?

  28. Glad I’m Out says:

    Just dismissed from there, thankfully. So many health and patient rights violations it’s hard to list them all. I was exposed to human blood while receiving medication, blood was left by a violent patient. When pointed out to nurse dispensing med, he said “ yeah I know, don’t get it on you”. So I took my med in fresh blood. The violent pt later got into nurses station and grabbed pills left out. It was all in all a very unsafe place to be. Also the lack of privacy, from no doors on bathroom doors in rooms and common bathroom as well to drs, caseworkers, nurse practitioners discussing your issues in dayroom with other patients present. Ever heard of Hippa?! They keep water locked up, while they teach how important it is to drink lots of it. The lack of communication between staff/shifts is not only lazy, but dangerous. A patient with a feeding tube given plates of food? Seriously? They always said it was a “mistake”. Ya think?

  29. Erika Blagowsky says:

    I’ve been a patient. It’s not a good place to be. All they care about is your money. They don’t care about you as a patient. And when your insurance stops paying is when they discharge you. As long as your insurance will pay they want you as a patient. And while your a patient you don’t get any help at all.

    • Robert mckinnis says:

      I was held here against my will after they found out I had great insurance. I had to dial 911 and get officers to let me out of this dungeon hell hole

  30. Febe says:

    This place is incredibly unprofessional. There is only one or two people there that actually genuinely care and aren’t trying to force pills down everyones throats or make them feel incompetent. I was sexually harrassed while I was there and that is the only reason they realeased me early. Even after showing obvious signs of not needing to be there. I do not take any medications that they prescribed while I was there and I am doing just fine now a year later. That medicine has however mest up my hormones and caused me to go see a specialist to go get treated.

  31. Raymondtax says:

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