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Posted: March 21, 2013 in Lawsuit

Here is our case, featured again on another blog:

Thanks to Mr. Goldman for a fair and unbiased analysis.  We appreciate you.

  1. Mad says:

    And the judges ruling is 6 days old… Fire storm is coming!! Thank God

    • ubhdenton says:

      Mad…. I am in touch now with several other blogger law sites that are interested in the ruling. You may just be right… the fire storm may be inevitable. I don’t know. Since this odyssey started I have learned to expect nothing about tomorrow, while I also am never completely shocked by what transpires. I am in a sort of limbo right now, I guess…. and I know it is no longer up to me what happens. The wind will blow where it blows, and, that’s what I’ll have to deal with.

      Glad to know I have friends beside me. (((HUGS)))

      • Mad says:

        I keep thinking how you say this is 5 years, two lawsuits and over 50,000 hits to your blog, I can’t imagine what might have happen if I along with so many others had not found this page. Your fight is almost over. Mine is just beginning I only hope I will find the will to keep going like you have. You give me hope and strength to keep Fighting. Live your life you desirve it!!!! I will take the next 5 years! Xoxo your one hell of a woman.

      • ubhdenton says:

        Thank you J. Mad! I’m here for you baby. xoxoxox

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