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Posted: March 26, 2013 in Fighting Back, Stories from Other People

I find my mind consumed with the news of the latest death.  I’ve got a headache splitting my skull in two but I can’t really think about anything else.

Things that make you go HMMMMM!  Some reporters are doing the job they should have done years ago and investigating what’s happening at the hospital.  For the record, I cannot comment to any of them (I think my lawyer would kill me with his bare hands).  I’m relieved to hear someone is on the case, but, I’m a little offended that it took someone dying to get their interest up.  (You reporters….you can’t say you weren’t told about it plenty of times, I guess somebody dying was a necessary condition for it to be “news?”  How pathetically sad and tragic.)


Meanwhile I offer my condolences to the families of the two dead men.  One of them was 22 years old as I understand it.  What a waste.  I don’t know anything about the most recent one.  Balancing a full-time job, having a life, and getting my ass sued absorb most of my time these days, but I do want to say to the families:  I am here for you, as I have tried to be for everyone else who has suffered through this type of ordeal.  I cannot say I will know the words that will comfort you–I am sure there are none–but please, don’t let your loss be in vain.  Speak up, speak out, and fight like hell.

You can reach me at   Just remember, though, that anything you write on my blog is subject to subpoena by the hospital.  If you prefer to talk to me on the phone, I will send you my number.

Speaking of numbers… got a strange call today from a strange number.  That has been happening more and more lately…. hmmmmmmmm…….

  1. Speaking Out says:

    How you have done this, for FIVE years!! I can not even fathom, I am in such shock right now. You are so strong, and you have fought so hard and long for what you believe in!! You have never given up…You are such a bright light, to so many going threw a dark hell. It’s almost hard to believe that so much pain and suffering, could come from 2 Mental Health Hospitals, miles from each other. Owned and Run by the same company. In such a small town, in the huge state of Texas..Who knows how many other deaths, rapes, cases of overdoses, and pure neglect, harassment, misdiagnoses, and don’t forget falsifying records, denying basic common rights such as using a phone, soap, pillows a clean safe place to recover from what brought you to UBH, or Mayhill to begin with!!! People go to these places because they need help, they need guidance, support, only to leave shattered, broken, and scared!! And now in body bags.. Or on there way to being in a body bag!!! What’s sad is because of the laws, we will never know how many people have really lost there life at these hospitals. Current law makes it possible for them, to not have to report a death in there facility’s as long as the ( patient ) has been there for 24 hours!! Any doctor can sign off on the death certificate, notify family, and send the body ( patient ) to the funeral home!!!!!! There taking care of are elderly, ( they say they are ) !!! It’s now taken a young man losing his life for are local media to even start looking at these hospitals!! It wasn’t the rapes, the report after reports made to county, state, and government agency’s!!
    I just hope that these two men losing there life, and a huge spot light being shown on these hospitals, that changes will be made!!! This company should be held to a higher standards! There caring for the mind, the soul, not fixing a broke leg. But they are accountable to no one.. And because of that there breaking life’s, shattering souls and damaging people who already were broke, and turned to them for help!!!!! My heart breaks for all the people these hospitals have hurt! Keep fighting for Change before more innocent life’s are lost or damaged!!!!!

    • ubhdenton says:

      speaking out…it has not been easy. And every time I thought I should just quit….another person would email me with a story about a bad experience that was worth than the last one I heard and I would just keep on a little longer.

      You are very strong yourself and I am glad to see you fighting. keep hanging on. Justice will prevail.

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